Imax Hubble 3D

A lot of space enthusiasts would love to see the entire space at its best. The IMAX Hubble 3D  will enable movie-goers to journey through distant galaxies to explore the grandeur and mysteries of our celestial surroundings through the power of IMAX 3D. Movie goers can accompany space-walking astronauts as they attempt the most difficult and important tasks in NASA’s history.

The Hubble 3D will offer an inspiring and unique look into the Hubble Space Telescope’s legacy and highlight its profound impact on the way we view the entire universe and ourselves. The Hubble 3D is an IMAX and Warner Bros. Pictures production which is in cooperation with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

This film reunites the Space Station 3D filmmaking team, led by Producer/Director Toni Myers. Hubble has been released in IMAX and IMAX 3D theatres last March 19th, 2010.

What movie goers can expect from this science thrill is a journey throughout the galaxy and be able  to see the mysterious galaxies and grand celestial bodies. Just imagine the thrill and fun of going through space and seeing the splendid beauty of the universe.

Hubble 3d will take you to view the Helix nebula, Saturn’s aurora, the constellation of Aquarius , the Eagle Nebula, Pillars of Creation , the Butterfly nebula and Andromeda galaxy. The HST has provided data and fine imagery so detailed that scientists and film technicians have been able to put viewers “inside” the images during two extended CGI fly-throughs.

One stunning sequence in the film would include gaseous clouds billowing while million-mile-an-hour-stellar winds can blow through the cloud canyon in the Orion Nebula about 90 trillion miles across. These data-driven animations were created by the Advanced Visualization Laboratory at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

If you are a space lover, you will surely enjoy the visual appeal of Hubble 3d. Seeing the entire universe at its most raw and elegant features. Space adventure awaits all movie goers.

Amityville 3D

Amityville is horror movie which features Susan Baxter ( Lori Loughlin) whose parents have separated. Her father John played by Tony Roberts was a journalist who bought the abandoned house in Amityville in order to conduct some research activities with various scientists since the legend that a family has been slain by a family member.


Nancy who is Susan’s mother (Tess Harper) forbidden her daughter to go near the house but she refrains from listening to her and breaks into the house with her friends. The entire house has a spot hole in the ground of the basement area which is leading through the center of the Earth which was once dubbed to be an Indian burial ground.

Eventually, Susan has frown in the lake there and the parents are summoning upon the spirits living inside the house with a paranormal investigator as Nancy saw her deceased daughter who Is still alive in the house. Susan was too curious that he went through the hole which is bubbling with water and various deadly events took place there after.

A lot of movie goers who seek to find horror and thrill will surely enjoy Amityville. The entire movie is now available through a 3d protocol. Movie lovers will surely enjoy the great visual appeal of Amityville 3d. You will love how this gore and horror can send you goose bumps. Hair raising scenes from this Amityville 3d movie will surely send you sleepless nights.

This 3d rendition of Amityville is way too silly to be considered dark and scary. This film does not explain much itself on how well the Lutz family were murdered in the house were of course the DeFoes. Some of the scenes in the film are quite corny and unbelievable yet very entertaining.

On the night of November of 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr has killed 6 of his own family members in what would come to be known as the Amityville murders. That’s the true Amityville horror, but the story continues after that. George Lutz and his wife (along with their three children) moved into that house on Ocean Avenue the following December.


Kathy Lutz found the place creepy right away and 28 days later, the family moved from that residence claiming they’d experienced traumatic paranormal events.


Hannah Montana 3D

The filming industry has been giving much attention towards the rising 3d projection. A lot of movie goers prefer to watch films on 3d platform. If you have 3d tv at home, check out the package for 3d glasses. You will find a couple of 3d glasses enclosed with a 3d tv. If you want to make additional purchase of 3d glasses, you might want to call the manufacturer and ask for possible purchase of additional 3d glasses. Make sure you have a pair of 3d glasses at home in order to enjoy this Hannah Montana 3D.

Dreamworks and Disney have both planted their flags in the 3D industry. IMAX remains a great place to experience the ultimate out-of-home film experience, and with 3D will make your viewing experience memorable. Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus are now available on 3D dimension. The film has been currently released has seen running extended after breaking through per-screen revenues.

Hannah Montana 3D did a good job in maintaining a balance between concert film and behind the scene footages. Miley Cyrus is both a rock star that everyday girl next door is a wise glimpse of both the real worlds. If you are familiar with the biggest hits like confident and bubbly hits like  “The Best of Both Worlds” then you know exactly what to expect.

Hannah Montana 3D has 17 songs from several concerts. The movie is a perfect avenue for music lovers and Miley Cyrus fans from all over the world,

Use your 3d eyeglasses if you want to enjoy this fun and awesome teen movie right at the comforts of your own living room.

With a lot of 3d animation and movies in today, it is important that we go with the flow. We need to upgrade our television sets at home so we can better appreciate the existence of 3dimensional animation.

Though 3d technology might come with a high price, it is always wise to invest on things we value the most. Sharing a movie with your families and kids can be a bonding moment you can treasure forever.

3d glasses are not expensive at all. You can even create your own 3d glasses out of simple stuffs at home. Look for some do-it-yourself instructions online regarding 3d glasses projects. This might save you from splurging bucks.

If you have 3d tv at home, check out the package for 3d glasses. You will find a couple of 3d glasses enclosed with a 3d tv. If you want to make additional purchase of 3d glasses, you might want to call the manufacturer and ask for possible purchase of additional 3d glasses.

IMAX Haunted Castle 3D

If you want to watch a horror movie right at the comforts of your own home, then Imax Haunted Castle 3D gives you the best horror flick treat. For the home viewer this movie features the same amazing 3D effects as the original film shown in IMAX theaters – a top choice for 3D movies and various effects!

IMAX Haunted Castle 3D has been listed in the horror category; it’s more of a fun and family movie based on a scary plot. This film has been digitally remastered from the original large format films.

IMAX Haunted Castle 3D offers terror in every second of the film. A lot of scary features of the film would include cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, archways cloaked in the darkness, barred windows and bones lay flat on the floor as well as witching hour strikes for a horrifying night.

While it storms outside, spooky creatures are up to no good inside this old castle. The  Haunted Castle 3D movies displays giant spiders on the floor, bats flying through the archways, and skeletons coming to life. It seems like there is a ghost behind every corner, just waiting to terrify unsuspecting visitors of this horrifying house.

IMAX Haunted Castle 3D  revolves around Johnny who was a young musician who has been called to her mother’s castle in reference to her final wishes. The mother of Johnny is a famous yet loner and aging rock star who has spent her final days in isolation inside the mysterious old building. Johnny has never seen his mother since he was barely three years old.

The Haunted Castle is a 2001 Belgian/American animated horror film in IMAX theaters. This film has been rated as Parental Guidance and has computer animation with various 3d effects.

This film has been written by Kurt Frey has been directed by his co-writer Ben Stassen. This film has played out very much like a lot of modern video games. This can be divided into two types of segments. The entire movie has been filmed as the audience see through the eyes of the main character.

The IMAX Haunted Castle 3D will surely give movie goers a different type of thrill and fun.

Tron Legacy 3D

Nowadays, animators have the convincing 3d animation capability. Though it was once considered to be limited to expensive work stations which most of the time restricts the creative juices of animators. With the 3d animation trend, these artists are now capable of improving their craft through the use of computer technology. The cost of 3D software and the platforms to run it on has dropped dramatically and this paved the way as well into the popularity of 3d animation movies.

The original Tron movie was released back in 1982. It was famously prophetic. Not only did it foreshadow a vision of the internet as a wardrobe malfunction, community, back when the term broadband and internet hadn’t even been coined, it also ushered in a bold new era of visual effects.

Several decades later, the Tron movie universe has been rebooted with the spectacular Tron Legacy. This film has a dizzying audiovisual techno-mash of a movie. To learn more Tech Radar caught up with director Joe Kosinski on the London leg of Tron Legacy’s European launching tour.

The Tron Legacy is a film infused with pioneering and cutting edge technology. It’s the first 3D movie to integrate a photorealistic digital head and body into the cast, the first to partner with a videogame company -Electronic Arts. This videogame company is responsible for motion capture and the first to utilize self-illuminating suits, powered by batteries hidden in the character’s backpack LED Light discs.

It is very essential to comprehend the appeal, impact and significance of 3d animation to the mainstream film making. We have a lot of films which are produced on 3d and have incurred a lot of expenses. There area lot of 3d movies which are animated. The ability to create very convincing has improved through the years.
While higher end systems remained the ones that are used to make the most professional – looking imagery, it is now possible to create quality animation on a home computer. If you want to know more how these movie moguls make their 3d animation blockbusters, you can check out a lot of sites to choose from.

Avatar 3D

Avatar 3D may be hurt by the curse of expectation, and it’s hard to keep the message that MOVIE MAKING HAS BEEN CHANGED FOREVER out of your mind once your butt is actually in a seat in front of the thing. The trailers keep telling us how nothing will ever be the same again, and we know the budget of the movie was anywhere from $200 million to $500 million, depending on what report you’re reading. Who knows how much R&D Cameron put into the technology behind the movie.

Even the credits of the film are monstrous: after Industrial Light and Magic and Weta Digital were credited for the special effects, the long line of other effects houses that worked on the movie scrolled by. I lost count of how many different companies leveraged how many different forms of technology to get Avatar filmed. If you’re a fan of cinema, no matter how you feel about the trailer, you need to see this movie; it represents the absolute best that technology can give us in film—at least with an unlimited budget and a small city of geniuses working across a decade to bring it to life.

James Cameron, the film director who pushed technical effects to the limit with the blockbuster Titanic in 1997, and ushered in the dawn of action films with ’80s classics such as Terminator and Aliens, has unleashed the film he has been hoping to make for nearly 20 years.

Avatar, when it is released in December, will be the most ambitious 3D film ever released, and the first trailer, unveiled on the Internet yesterday, gives us a glimpse of the future.


The Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

The Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over is a 2003 American action-adventure family film directed by Robert Rodriguez and the third film in the Spy Kids series. This movie was released in the United States on July 25, 2003.

The return of many cast members from the past two films, although most were in minor roles and cameo appearances. were featured in the film.  The movie was originally intended to be the last of the trilogy, but director Robert Rodriguez is currently filming a Spy Kids 4 due out August 19, 2011.The response to the film was mainly mixed. A lot of critics stated that the glasses give a headache. Bob Longino of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote that “the 3D process will hurt your eyes”, but also stated that it helped mask what he deemed as an overall lack of a story for this The Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over.

Jim Lane of Sacramento News and Review called the 3D scenes “murky and purple like a window smeared with grape jell-o.” Roger Ebert suggested that perhaps Rodriguez was held back by the film’s technical constraints. Ebert also admitted to showing disdain for the 3D gimmick, saying that the picture quality is more murky and washed out than the crisper and more colorful 2D films.

Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle noted Carmen’s absence for much of the film and criticized the plot’s repeated scenes of Juni attempting over and over again to reach Level Five.[9] Kimberly Jones of the Austin City Chronicle praised the visuals but called the plot twig-thin and stated that the parents’ near absence in the story makes Rodriguez’ continuing theme of family ties seem much less resonant than in the other films.

Actor Sylvester Stallone earned the Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor for his performance.

The Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over opened with a surprising $33.4 million, but didn’t quite live up to the first Spy Kids film. In the end, it grossed $111 million in North America. However, its overseas intake was double that of either of the first two Spy Kids films at $85.3 million, grossing a worldwide total of $197,011,982, making it the highest grossing film in the series. The film had a 3D effect which was not removable in the DVD, but only for some European DVD releases. A set of four 3D glasses, made of cardboard (Silver Screen Retail), was included with the DVD, although some DVDs did not have it.

When one strips away the gimmick of 3-D glasses, the gimmick of celebrity cameos, the gimmick of CGI effects, and the gimmick of casting children as super-spies, there’s literally almost nothing left here. Though Rodriguez’s seeming one-man operation is somewhat impressive in concept, the results are decidedly inferior to most action/adventure fare.

The Polar Express 3D

A lot of people are so into 3d movies. If you are crazy about 3d movies, then you are not alone. The amazing visual effects of3d movies have swept the movie industry and has revolutionized how we see 3d for games, movies and various character in a lot of different movies.

One of the block buster films of 2004 , the Polar Express has touched a myriad of children and adults alike. Seeing the place where Santa Clause lives is a dream come true for all kids and those who are young at heart. The Polar Express 3D is a  masterpiece of Robert Zemeckis directing. The entire film was based from the Chris Van Allsburg written and illustrated children’s classic.

You will surely appreciate the usual 3d movie we have but The Polar Express 3d will tickle your funny bones. Most people would prefer to watch 3d movies despite its expensive cost in the movie theater. This is brought by the visual appeal of the films.

Some critics didn’t care for the technical exercise that The Polar Express 3d represented, but even the most hardened were charmed.

At the time this came out, many parallels got drawn between the CGI Final Fantasy movie, and its notorious ‘dead eyed’ synthetic characters. My technical take on that is that, while this isn’t perfect by any respect, it’s far superior to Final Fantasy in both execution and the quality of representation.

The Polar Express 3d has some slightly odd moments, but it also has some really great character sequences, my favourites been those where Tom Hanks delivers an excellent mo-cap performance for the hobo. It isn’t entirely consistent, but more works, generally, than doesn’t.

If I’ve got a complaint about the movie overall it’s that they get to the North Pole far too quickly, as proceedings are far less interesting once they get there. I’d have quite happily taken more train adventure, and a lot less Santa and his irritating elves.

Think of the thrill and fun seeing the brilliant elves and the splendid North Pole. A lot of people would love the glitz and glam of the North Pole. Just imagine the festive colors of Christmas and how it will look on 3- dimensional platform!

The Polar Express 3d will surely satisfy your creative cravings!

Star Fox 64 3D

Whether or not it’s just a passing trend, 3D technology is the current “million dollar fas” bullet point for producers of entertainment and technology. Nintendo nimbly jumps on that bandwagon with its latest revision to the DS handheld, the “3DS.”

Star Fox 64 3D is dubbed to be one of the few playable titles out of the oodles of announced 3DS projects on display at Nintendo’s E3 booth.  A lot of video game aficionados are waiting for a fun packed game just like this Star Fox 64 on 3-dimensional protocol.

Star Fox 64 3D a short demo of the classic N64 game’s first level, fading out after a few seconds of the boss battle. The 3DS version of Star Fox 64 is very familiar to players of the original game. The demo game opens as players cruise over a short stretch of ocean (a shortened version of the original level’s introduction), soaring through a ravine into the “Corneria City.”

The Corneria City is an obstacle course, the vision of some insane and peculiar architect. Players will surely enjoy this game as they crash and collide with the archways and tumbling towers throughout the entire course of the game.

The Star Fox 64 3D has a vert user-friendly interface. The Arwing craft is controlled using the analog nub and additional maneuvers are mapped to the D-pad. Lasers, bombs, accelerate and brake are executed with the face buttons, and the bumpers, used to bank and barrel roll, round out the simple controls.

Games on 3d protocol are visually appealing and are very thrilling. The 3-dimensional effects of this Star Fox 64 game is a complimentary attribute in various levels of the game such as tunnel like pathways through the city of Corneria.

This is Star Fox 64 — a lasting classic — in legitimate 3D. Awesome visual effects and the same old thrill and fun from the classic games we have known from way back.

What’s awesome about Starfox 64 3D is how well it holds up its players, particularly with the additional wow factor of the “3D”. The game’s witty art style and rock-solid control scheme make it just as much fun to play now as it was when the N64 was still in the market.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

Pirates of the Carribbean has swept the silver screen with Johnny Depp as the ever famous Captain Jack Sparrow. As the popularity of this pirate series, a lot of people have sought after novelties, games and even wallpapers related to Pirates of the Carribean.

LEGO has re-created the adventure and action moments of the Pirates of the Carribean. Players can take on the roles of more than 70 characters and experience the pirate adventure, irreverent humor and amazing creatures of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, through action-adventure gameplay and hilariously quirky LEGO cut scenes. Throughout the game, players will also have the freedom to explore environments from the highly acclaimed movie series in more than 20 levels. The game features two-player cooperative mode, in which players each control a character to experience the story together, and freeplay mode, which lets players return to levels to discover new items.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game re-creates the action, adventure and memorable moments of the Pirates of the Caribbean mythology in LEGO form, incorporating the humor of LEGO minifigures and fantastic worlds built from LEGO bricks and elements forplayers to explore.

For those who truly love video games ,the  Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game is an upcoming video game in the Lego video game franchise. It has been developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Disney Interactive Studios.

The Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game is due for release in May 2011 to go with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. This 3d game is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and its storyline covers all blockbuster films of the pirate series (The Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man’s Chest, At World’s End, On Stranger Tides).

The game will span the stories of the four films and will feature over 70 characters from the franchise. The game will also feature its flagship drop-in, drop-out co-op gameplay mechanic. The 3DS version will use the StreetPass feature to activate sword fights. The Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game was officially announced on 18 November 2010.

For all those pirate lovers from various parts of the world, you will surely love how Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game can relive the fun, thrill and excitement of this pirate movie.