IMAX Haunted Castle 3D

If you want to watch a horror movie right at the comforts of your own home, then Imax Haunted Castle 3D gives you the best horror flick treat. For the home viewer this movie features the same amazing 3D effects as the original film shown in IMAX theaters – a top choice for 3D movies and various effects!

IMAX Haunted Castle 3D has been listed in the horror category; it’s more of a fun and family movie based on a scary plot. This film has been digitally remastered from the original large format films.

IMAX Haunted Castle 3D offers terror in every second of the film. A lot of scary features of the film would include cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, archways cloaked in the darkness, barred windows and bones lay flat on the floor as well as witching hour strikes for a horrifying night.

While it storms outside, spooky creatures are up to no good inside this old castle. The  Haunted Castle 3D movies displays giant spiders on the floor, bats flying through the archways, and skeletons coming to life. It seems like there is a ghost behind every corner, just waiting to terrify unsuspecting visitors of this horrifying house.

IMAX Haunted Castle 3D  revolves around Johnny who was a young musician who has been called to her mother’s castle in reference to her final wishes. The mother of Johnny is a famous yet loner and aging rock star who has spent her final days in isolation inside the mysterious old building. Johnny has never seen his mother since he was barely three years old.

The Haunted Castle is a 2001 Belgian/American animated horror film in IMAX theaters. This film has been rated as Parental Guidance and has computer animation with various 3d effects.

This film has been written by Kurt Frey has been directed by his co-writer Ben Stassen. This film has played out very much like a lot of modern video games. This can be divided into two types of segments. The entire movie has been filmed as the audience see through the eyes of the main character.

The IMAX Haunted Castle 3D will surely give movie goers a different type of thrill and fun.

Tron Legacy 3D

Nowadays, animators have the convincing 3d animation capability. Though it was once considered to be limited to expensive work stations which most of the time restricts the creative juices of animators. With the 3d animation trend, these artists are now capable of improving their craft through the use of computer technology. The cost of 3D software and the platforms to run it on has dropped dramatically and this paved the way as well into the popularity of 3d animation movies.

The original Tron movie was released back in 1982. It was famously prophetic. Not only did it foreshadow a vision of the internet as a wardrobe malfunction, community, back when the term broadband and internet hadn’t even been coined, it also ushered in a bold new era of visual effects.

Several decades later, the Tron movie universe has been rebooted with the spectacular Tron Legacy. This film has a dizzying audiovisual techno-mash of a movie. To learn more Tech Radar caught up with director Joe Kosinski on the London leg of Tron Legacy’s European launching tour.

The Tron Legacy is a film infused with pioneering and cutting edge technology. It’s the first 3D movie to integrate a photorealistic digital head and body into the cast, the first to partner with a videogame company -Electronic Arts. This videogame company is responsible for motion capture and the first to utilize self-illuminating suits, powered by batteries hidden in the character’s backpack LED Light discs.

It is very essential to comprehend the appeal, impact and significance of 3d animation to the mainstream film making. We have a lot of films which are produced on 3d and have incurred a lot of expenses. There area lot of 3d movies which are animated. The ability to create very convincing has improved through the years.
While higher end systems remained the ones that are used to make the most professional – looking imagery, it is now possible to create quality animation on a home computer. If you want to know more how these movie moguls make their 3d animation blockbusters, you can check out a lot of sites to choose from.

Transformers: The Dark of The Moon

Transformers: The Dark of The Moon again brings staple cast members Shia LeBeouf, Frances McDormand, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro and many others together under the direction of director Michael Bay. Additionally, this new movie also features the acting debut of Megan Fox’s replacement and former Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as the female lead role (Sam Witwicky’s new love interest).

Fighting robots from Cybertron will once thrill the silverscreen! The Transformers movie has brought a lot of childhood memories of those movie goers who are so fund of Autobots leader Optimus Prime, Bumblee Bee, Iron Hide, Sideswipe as they battle it out with the Decepticons once again.

Transformers fans are very excited with the upcoming toy line which shall be released with the Transformers: The Dark of The Moon. Millions of collectors out there are drooling over these collectibles. Custom toys from this Transformers film shall be released prior the date of the actual movie.

Megan Fox fans will be quite disappointed with this new Transformers movie, where she was kicked out of the film. Michael Bay replaced Fox with Rosie Huntington who is a model from Victoria Secret.

A lot of Transformers fans are running after the thrill and excitement of seeing these mega-robots do their action moves on the widescreen! These robots an really kick some ass! A plot would be just an icing on the cake.

Transformers: The Dark of The Moon
is scheduled on July 1, 2011 – a catchy date, and the countdown has already begun. Linkin Park has contributed a soundtrack song for this film. With songs like ‘What I’ve Done’ and ‘New Divide’ which clearly defined Transformers 1 and 2 respectively, and Transformers 3 is going to have its own song as well.

Keep yourselves abreast of the updates regarding the Transformers: The Dark of The Moon. You will never know what fun and thrill you will have after watching this blockbuster film!


Animated 3D Movies

Producing and making animated computer movies can sometimes mean the same. Producing can include post-production and some activities to get the movie to an audience. Once you’ve made the final cut of your animated 3d movies, there’s still work to be done.

Here’s a procedure on producing animated 3d movies:

-Step 1

Understand that producing movies is something that takes some management skill to take an effect. Remember that the movie project has a life: a beginning and an end.

-Step 2

Secure funds for your computer animated project. Try to take note of the areas that you need to consider for this. Always prepare emergency cash for anything outside the budget.

– Step 3

One medium or high-end computer system is needed for this. You may additional computers if you want to do additional work on the computer while another is rendering.

– Step 4

Understand the legal concerns when you make a project for commercial use. If you intend on making profit from it, you must understand that your profit is divided to the one;s that collaborated with your work. Music for example, by using copyrighted material without permission you may own the owner of the track a portion of your profit.

– Step 5

Learn to create computer animated movies. Resources are abundant on the net for learning this. Try to look at the tips below on how to create computer animated 3d movies.

– Step 6

Acquire music and sound clips that you’ll need for the project. You can make these yourself, purchase music and sound, purchase the rights to use, contract an artist to make the composition, or hire a sound effects company to provide the sounds you need. Sometimes a music provider can be really useful for this.

– Step 7

Voice actor or actors are needed for any narration or dialogue. This can be you and it will not cost anything. You can get family or friends for this. Amateur and professional actors can be costly, depending on certain factors. Rates can be determined by considering the length of the movie and the potential copies to be made.

–  Step 8

Edit the movie. Once the animation is complete you‘ll have to edit the scenes and place voices, sound, and music altogether. Let an audience screen the film before you make a final cut.

–  Step 9

Initiate the DVD production. Once you have a master computer file for DVD burning, you can start production of your computer animated film in DVD. A single DVD burner on your computer won’t be enough. You‘ll need to buy a disk duplicator or have a company to make copies. Also consider all the things that go with DVD production such as the design of the label, DVD case, DVD cover, blank DVDs and the initial quantities required. If demand is great during initial releases, then you can buy more production materials.

–  Step 10

Advertise your finished work. There are several ways for this. Word of mouth, internet marketing, print media, film contests, film festivals , conventions, and television commercials are great examples. Giving free copies at first is one way of good promotion of the film.

– Step 11

A computer animation project can fail even if it’s a good one. Try using 3d animation film as an example of the work you can do in demo reels for getting a job that requires someone with technical skills in computer generated imagery.

Things about 3d Animated Movies

Producing and creating animated movies can have the same idea. Producing could also involve the post-production and other activities to get the movie to an audience, big or small. Once you’ve made the final step of your 3d animation movies, there’s still tasks to be done. And here’s how to produce computer animated movies.

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Step 1 : You must understand that producing movies is a business and it takes some project management skills to take such an effect and effort. The movie project has a life: a beginning and an end.

Step 2 :Secure resources for your computer animated project. Below are areas that you have to think about to come up with a budget to fund. Add emergency cash in handling situations where the animation effort goes over your budget.

Step 3: Try to buy at least one medium or high-end computer system. You may need additional computers if you want to do other work on the other computer while the other one renders or is making the final scenes.

Step 4: Understand the legal concerns when you make a project for commercial use. If you intend to make money with the computer animated film, you must remember the profits get distributed if other people or organizations are involved with your work.  One example is music. If you used copyrighted material without permission, then you may owe the artist and the producer of the music money.

Step 5: Try to know how to make 3d animated movies. There are many resources online and in books that will show you how. See tips below for good articles on making computer animated movies.

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Step 6: Search for the appropriate sound needed for the 3D animated movies. You can make these yourself, purchase music and sound, purchase the rights to use, contract an artist to make the composition, or hire a sound effects company to provide the sounds you need. Sound effects can also be given by music providers.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Warner Bros hs released the second and final epic theatrical trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. This is the second trailer following the first debut in June. You will be surprised to see that the trailer for this film is a lot tamer compared to the previous series. With all the new footage, the finale version for Harry Potter is a success. It has an incredible and exciting feeling for all those Harry Potter fans from the different parts of the world.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is directed by David Yates who is a British filmmaker. He is the same directors who create Half-Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix. The script for the film was written by Steve Kloves for the Half- Blood Prince, Sorcerer’s Stone, Prisoner of Azkaban, Chamber of Secrets and the Goblet of Fire. The film is based on the book written by J.K. Rowling which is also a very popular and widely read series of books In various countries around the globe.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I will hit the silver screen on November 19,2010. Warner Bros is now pumping on the anticipation by some of the most absolute and fantastic trailers. There are series of high resolution versions of the photos which are to be released in the Entertainment Weekly’s Autumn preview – a picture of Ginny and Harry locking lips.

The picture is offering a closer look into what the film trailer does not show. Film promotion has never been done this way. The Ginny and Harry is one thing. The trailer shows that Harry and Ginny are sharing a passionate kiss but it was taken during the second film while Hogwarts was falling down around the both of them.

This sequel for Harry Potter involves some of his friends namely Hermione and Ron who are not attending Hogwarts but would want to stay and seek for the remaining Horcruxes which contains the  soul of Voldermort.The protection offered by living at Harry’s aunt’s house has ended and they are all in danger.  Harry’s cousin Dudley for the first time shows feelings of appreciation and warmth toward Harry.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Two decades after the story arc of a video game came into existence; there is an entire way to structure the action that we are looking for. It was even harder to structure a movie plot based on a video game. A home entertainment console can be a perfect root for a video game movie.

Resident Evil is dubbed to be the first video fame adaptiation which has been filmed in a 3d platform. This was the same technology used by James Cameron for his blockbuster movie in 3d –Avatar. In a lot of ways, this is a very striking and modern appeal. There are a lot of fight scenes in Resident Evil: Afterlife which was possible through 3d animation. 300 – like slow motion nicely stutters breakneck action fight scenes. Viewers will surely enjoy Alice’s samurai speed and hideous CGI-ed beasts will add a different feel of thrill and action. These fantastic and undead video game elements are the main elements which a lot of players would appreciate in a video game. There are a lot of camera and 3d tricks which are eye popping in terms of visual effects.

Resident Evil: Afterlife will be a great treat for your family and friends. The details on the characters will set your viewing experience to a different level. The fourth part of Resident Evil franchise is the proof that RESIDENT EVIL is a big success. This is a game based on a widely popular video game series which will be presented on a 3d platform.

The film revolves around the plot by which a virus infection is ravaging the entire world turning its victims into the Undead – literally zombies. Alice played by Milla Jovovich is continuing on her journey to find the survivors of the virus and lead them to a safer place. Her deadly battle with the ill Umbrella Corporation has reached new heights. Alice gets some and real unexpected assistance from an old friend. Meanwhile, Alice get some unexpected help from her old friend. Los Angeles was the place referred to by a new lead that she got in order to find a safer place against the virus.

When they arrive in the city, it is totally overrun by thousands of Undead – Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap instead.

Jackass 3D

Jackass 3D which is also known as Jackass Number 3 is an upcoming 3-D film of the Jackass series. In December 2009, Paramount Pictures and MTV Films announced an October 15, 2010 release of this whacky action packed movie. This 3d movie will mark the 10th anniversary of the franchise which started in 2000. The guys of “Jackass” are at it again in another movie, but this time it’s propelling you into the world of 3d.

A trailer for Jackass 3D has been released where the guys are basically doing what they are best at. They tend to use each other as crash test dummies that are constantly pulling gross and extremely odd pranks. Jackass 3D has been directed by Jeff Tremaine which premieres in theaters on October 15,2010.

You will surely enjoy the full version of the film as it hits the movie houses. The trailer is one proof that there is more thrills with the Jackass 3d. One odd stunt was called “ Heli-cockter” where Chris Pontius ties a remot control operated helicopter from his penis and swings it around as he grins.

The entire casts for Jackass 3d include Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville, Ehren McGhehey, Dave England, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and Jason “Wee Man” Acuña. They are now back as the clowns of the 21st Century. Bam Margera reported that he has broken three rib and half of the team has been hospitalized. Margera even suffered a broken shoulder, twisted ankle and a lot of injuries they have had.

Shooting of this movie has been situated in a private property rather than the usual Jackass versions which are filmed in the streets. It is often included with few stunts which are filmed in various places abroad. All of the scenes done here in Jackass were filmed with Steve-O being sober.

Saw 3d

Saw 3D

Horror flick entitled Saw 3d will hit the silverscreen on October 29,2010. This was previously called as Saw VII which is an upcoming 3d horror movie created and directed by Kevin Greutert. The story was written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton.

Saw 3d feature Costas Mandylor, Tobin Bell, Sean Patrick Flanery, Betsy Russell and Cary Elwes. This 3d film is the seventh and the finale of the Saw film series. This is the first series shot in 3d. Though an eighth installment is underway, the decreases in the box office appeal for Saw VI in comparison to previous versions of Saw Movie lead to the decision that this Saw 3d will be the finale for the series. The plot was conceptualized for Saw VIII has been integrated into the Saw 3d.

Originally, it was Director David Hackl( Director of Saw V) was supposed to oversee the film, but it was announced by Lionsgate that Greutert will direct the sixth film two weeks before filming commences. Prinicipal photography was taken in Toronto for February to April 2010 and was shot with the SI-3d digital camera system. This was in opposition to shooting films with traditional cameras which are later transferred to 3d in post- production.

The launching of Saw 3d was supposed to be in October 22,2010 but was pushed back to October 29,2010. This was given an NC-17 rating (this would mean no children 17 and under to be admitted in movie houses) by the Motion Picture Association of America or MPAA. Saw 3d has six times submission before they finally received an R rating.

The plot of Saw 3d revolves around the revelation made to Adam to be the mastermind behind all the games. Dr. Gordon is spotted crawling into the hall outside of his bathroom to try and seek help. Along the way, he found a hot pipe and he uses it to cauterize his amputate foot to stop it from bleeding profusely. The next scene reveals an urban shopping center where a crowd of people are gathered in front of a store window where two men, Ryan and Brad are tied on a work table with buzz saw in front of them. Dina on the other hand, was suspended above. As Dina is being lowered onto the buzz saw each men must choose to kill the other person so he can save her or allow to die in exchange of their own freedom. Meanwhile, the survivors from the previous traps made by Jigsaw gathered to seek the support of self help master and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen. Jill Tuck and Mark Hoffman fight over the Jigsaw legacy.

Saw 3d will hit the movie houses this fall. Brace yourself for some horrifying and terrifying finale for the Saw Series.

Alice in Adventure Land ( Alice in Wonderland 3d)

The most talked about movie, Alice in Wonderland hit the big screen that surprise the world the great comeback of the incredible duo Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  Of course, who would ever forget the delicious movie Charlie and the chocolate factory?  Both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp work in that movie.  But enough of it, Alice in Wonderland became a big hit that turns our head at the sights of the movie poster.  Now, to be sure, who watched Alice in Wondeland?  I’m sure everyone watches it.  Who wouldn’t?  Now, we are all dying to watch who would play Alice and the great effect of how Tim Burton creates Alice in Wonderland his own way.  But, we are also dying to know how Johnny Depp could pull off a trick as he starred as The Mad Hatter.  We all know Johnny Depp can pull any characters given to him.  Be that crazy, victimized, drunk or tortured, he could pull off anything!  Remember Charlie and the chocolate factory?  Now that’s the movie I simply enjoy.  But that’s only second to the coolest, swashbuckling, pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.  Not only he can yield a sword but he can handle a sword even if he is drunk.   Let us go back to the story Alice in Wonderland.  We always know that the story begins with Alice following a peculiar rabbit, which wears a dress shirt and carry a watch, and she falls down the rabbit hole.  And the story goes on and on and on.  But what we didn’t expect is the twist of the story where it is far from our own version of Alice in Wonderland.  Of course, Disney has its way of making Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland into a cartoon.  We all know that Alice ( Disney’s Alice)  is a girl who is so mischievous, curious that she sometimes gets into trouble.  All little girls do, including me.  But what makes Alice different is that she is girl who is surrounded by all things different from he and all tings who doesn’t exist in the real world.  But in Wonderland, she is the one who is different.  Confusing?  I know.  It’s hard to understand something confusing.  Anyway, that’s out version of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

What about Tim Burton’s version?  It’s still the same like the book or Disney but with more flair, action, and a much added thrill to the fantasy.  What I really admired about the movie is that Tim Burtons really know how to tell a story.  Of course, it has values in it and a strong sense of self that the character possesses.  It’s rare to see a woman possess a feministic allure that can be used for a battle.  In this story, even though Alice knew that the world she steps in is far from reality and all things are fantasy or something doesn’t exist, she keeps her mind as realistic as possible.  She doesn’t know how she came to be in that place where weirdness can describe a thing, but it doesn’t scare her.  She faced a situation where she knows that her humaneness is the only thing that keeps her sane.  That despite that she could never understand the thing happening around them, she still facet like she face a problem, head-on and gear-up.  Even if she is in the fantasy world, her realistic views keep her motivated to finish something that was never hers to begin with. Now that’s what I call real woman. (I’m a feminist; I believe that a woman can do anything a man can do!)

Of course, every one of us watched the movie and I say I enjoyed it.  It’s not every year Tim Burton can create a great movie.  But what is cool is that Alice in Wonderland gives us, especially women, something we can fight for.  Not brute or power but something a woman possesses as she is faced with a difficult situation.

It gives great pleasure that a movie directed by Tim Burton can hit the audience with great impact.  Maybe it’s just me but what can I say about the movie.  Like I said, “Two Thumbs Up!”  of course, some would be disappointed and some would complain.  I won’t!  Alice in Wonderland teaches me more than just a movie itself.  It teaches me that sometimes, a certain situation can happen wherever you are.  That sometimes you have to face a problem head on.  Even if you’re not Alice who went to the Wonderland and fight the queen, we can be Alice in our surreal world of impossibility.

Sometimes, it’s nice if we could read Lewiss Carrol’s Alice in wonderland so that we could simply enjoy the possibly of being a young girl in a fantasy world.