Computer Benchmarking at its Best through 3dmark Vantage

Are you tired of slow computers? Is the graphics capability of your computer is not good enough? Perhaps you must try to do some upgrades on your computer. There are few benchmarks which have so much impact on computers which are used for playing 3d games. It is very important to make a benchmarking step for your computer in order to secure the optimal functioning of your machine.

A lot of people are using the computer for the pleasure of online gaming. What is  quite bothersome about computer games is if it has a lot of things to consider regarding graphics and slow computers. The best thing to do is to assess your computer’s performance. This can be done through computer benchmarking.

There are few benchmarks which has such an impact on the gamers such as the 3DMark benchmarking tool from Futuremark. Whether you want to verify what you are expecting from your system or if you want to show off your fast computer system, then it is 3DMark which has always been one of the best benchmarking tools to use for your gaming computers.

The last version of 3dmark Vantage came out to the market 2 years ago which have been anxiously waited for by computer enthusiasts. This version – 3dmark Vantage can accurately test graphic cards compared to other versions launched.

This benchmarking tool is the latest version over a long line of video card benchmarks from Futuremark. Just as its predecessors the primary goal of this benchmarking method is to test your video card in a variety of tests created to push the video card to its limit. This latest version of computer benchmarking tool aims to test not just the graphic cards of your computer but it has pretty nifty CPU tests to assess the speed and overall capability of your machine.

3dmark Vantage is the best tool for computer benchmarking. This is an earlier version of the 3DMark which has one default setting yielded as an official score. Here are the general requirements of all presets which will yield and official score:

Requirement: SSE2 support
Recommendation: A dual-core processor with performance equivalent to Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, AMD Athlon X2 6000+, or higher

Graphics Card
Requirement: Fully DirectX10-compliant graphics hardware

System Memory
Requirement: Windows Vista minimum requirement
Recommendation: 2 GB or more

Hard Disk
Requirement: 1 GB of free hard disk space

Operating System
Requirement: Windows Vista with Service Pack 1

In additions to the above requirements each preset also has some special needs:

  • Entry – 128MB DX10 Video Card and a monitor capable of displaying 1280×1024 resolution.
  • Performance – 256MB DX10 Video Card and a monitor capable of displaying 1280×1024 resolution.
  • High – 512MB DX10 Video Card and a monitor capable of displaying 1680×1050 resolution.
  • Extreme – 512MB DX10 Video Card and a monitor capable of displaying 1920×1200 resolution.
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Download 3d Screensavers

3D screensavers is a new innovation for desktop screens, with its fascinating animations and real like imagery. It’s no doubt that downloading 3D screensaver is a must want for computer users.

A screensaver functions as a small program that protect your on-screen data to be viewed or accessed by intruders, it also livens up your screen by displaying constantly changing and vivid images. A screen saver activates on the display screen if the screen is idle or doesn’t have keystrokes or mouse movements for certain duration.

These screensavers also come with features that let you change the color schemes and backgrounds. A lot of people download 3D screensavers for their computers. This has become popular with PC users, with all the options available that suites almost any occasion or season, great thing about such screensavers that they can be downloaded for free. You’re always free to look for you own 3D screensaver by surfing the web, you can search much easier by typing in your specific theme or taste.

There are basically a lot of choices and are all of no costs.
One good example is the free matrix screensaver, cyber fire screensaver, MY 3D Christmas tree, Santa’s workshop, 3D bungalow aquarium, 3D living rainforest, and many more, with hundreds of fresh concepts coming in each day. There always one that would suite your mood or choice.
It’s important that you set the right choice to match your mood when it comes to selecting a screensaver to suite your imagination, this can really help when you need to take a break from long hours of work.

The original purpose of the screensaver was basically to prevent the display screen from etching an image into the screen. With the continued progress of computer and technology, the problem with etching of images or ghosting, no longer exist in modern computers. However, the concept and popularity of the screensavers are still the same. Screensavers are used as a data protection utility, as a password-protected screensaver prevents helps you in preventing your data and information from any unauthorized user.

Download 3d screensavers for your computer is really simple. All you simply need to do is to pick one in the wide selection of screensavers on the internet and download it. After which, some very easy step will show up to help you download your screensavers on your desktop with almost no effort.

There, you can also set the time duration after which the screensaver should appear. After you download 3d screensavers, you can also make a password for it. This facility authenticates the user and restores the screen, only after the correct password is entered.
Whatever the season, you’re sure to get a screensaver that’s sure to fit in, there’s certainly one that would fit to reflect the flavor of the day and season.

Also available for downloads are screensavers depicting the theme of nature, lighthouse, automobiles, animals, motivational, sports, and so on. The different themes and designs of screensavers make them applicable for any mood and event. Download your desired themes now and see your computer screen become alive in front of your very eyes. This is sure to cheer up your mood and revitalize you after a hard day’s work.

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3dmark 2001

If you wan to learn more about computer benchmarking then this is the tool for you! For all those who would enjoy 3d games on their computer , it is important to keep a functional computer that would go with every single graphic and CPU usage demand on your mean machine. It is important that you know how to upgrade effectively your machine so you can enjoy your gaming experience anytime of the day!

One way of checking your computer’s performance is to use benchmarking tools. Oftentimes these tools are meant to address the problems related to your computer’s speed, 3d graphics, CPU usage. With a lot of games we have today which are based on 3d platforms, it is a must that you keep your computer upgraded and updated with all the latest hardware and software to enhance its performance!

Futuremark has been one of the most famous creators of benchmarking tools for computers. One of their products is called 3DMark2001. This is the latest installment in the popular 3DMark series from this benchmarking mogul

3DMark 2001 combinesDirectX 8.0 support with completely updated graphics. This continues to provide benchmark results designed to empower computer users to make informed and effecient upgrade decisions by delivering the game content of tomorrow–today. You can surely address the loopholes of your computer and enhance its performance in no time.

THe 3DMark 2001 has been known to be created in cooperation with major 3D accelerator and processor manufacturers we have today. They aimed to provide computer addicts with the best possible and most reliable set of diagnostic tools. A completely new demo mode that includes four new game tests and demonstrates some of the latest innovations and advances that real-time 3D graphics can offer are included in the package.

This computer benchmarking tool is a full version download. However, Pro users may wish to purchase the upgrade for a specific amountto receive the Pro version, which offers additional features.

This benchmarking tool has the following features which include flexible testing automation options, including batch run; command-line support; and a professional result browser tool with full Windows compatibility.

Minimum System Recommendations

  • x86 compatible processor, 500MHz
  • 128MB of RAM (256MB recommended)
  • 100MB of free hard drive space (installed)
  • Windows® 98/SE/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX®8.1 or later
  • A modern 3D accelerator with 32MB of memory

3DMark 2005

Are you tired of slow computer while playing your games online? Is your computer acting up when you play 3d games online? One of the best solutions which can address your concern is to assess the performance of your computer.

Computer benchmarking can be done through the use of benchmarking tools. In this way, you can truly and thoroughly assess your computer’s capacity in terms of graphics, CPU usage and processing. This can be done through the use of 3dMark’s products to effectively check on your computer.  Enjoy the privilege of actively comparing your computer to other users online.

3DMark 2005 is concentrated on measuring the performance of the DirectX 9 generation of 3D hardware using the technology of next generation games. Earlier 3DMark versions have usually been launched with the introduction of a new Microsoft DirectX version and with the introduction of a new hardware generation. This has somewhat limited how much 3DMark has utilized the new hardware features.

The 3DMark2005 can thereby utilize the features of DirectX 9 to a 100%. In fact, DirectX 9 hardware is required for every game test of 3DMark05, resulting in the ultimate tool for DirectX 9 hardware performance comparison.

This benchmarking tool  combines high quality 3D tests, CPU tests, feature tests, image quality tools, and much more, 3DMark2005 is a premium benchmark for evaluating the previous generation of gaming hardware. This is the answer to the continuously growing challenge in benchmarking!

Key 3DMark05 Pro and Business Features

  • Full support for Microsoft® DirectX®9.0c
  • 3 new amazing 3D game tests
  • 2 new CPU tests
  • A suite of new feature tests
  • Batch size tests
  • New and improved image quality tools
  • Online services. Submit your results and compare them to 3DMark05 results from all over the world.

3DMark05 highlights

  • Three new game tests, all requiring DirectX 9 hardware support.
  • Feature tests focusing on key characteristics of graphics performance.
  • The 3DMark05 demo the ultimate display of real-time 3D graphics featuring an original sound track.
  • Multiprocessor CPU test. A CPU-intensive run of two game tests, adding CPU loads typical for 3D games and tuned for multiprocessor systems.
  • A wide range of benchmark settings and professional tools for image quality inspection, texture filtering quality testing, automated batch runs and a lot more.

Animation Software Download

Basically, when we refer to 3D animation software download can be done nowadays. We refer to programs that are utilized to make computer generated three dimensional images or animation. There are several stages for this, just like in animation studios that utilize such programs to make 3D models for games and even in films. If you’re new to such 3d platforms and animation, the having one software package is quite enough to get started in the learning process.

Take into consideration that 3d animation is something that’s complex and is quite time consuming and indistinctive. In other words, you’ll need a book as reference and an expert if you seek to learn more on this. Some packages come with a variant of learning tools. There are also some free editions that are made for studying and gaining personal knowledge.

There are two main classifications of 3d packages. One is the non-commercial source or what is called an open-source. Open source refers to the ones with downloadable sources for no cost at all. One commercial program under the category of non-commercial source is called Blender. It’s basically a free program that’s used for cartooning, modeling, texture quality as well as rendering.

Blender gives the users features that are comparable to a high-level and middle range 3d animation. Blender also contains advanced features. It can export and import different file formats. Blender is the only 3D animation software download package that is known for its flexibility. It’s also capable of scaling upwards to be used for complex computer units, and also scaled down for handheld computers, its versatility is one of the main features anyone would want for their use. It also has a unique border that is somewhat difficult to study. But can be made into something efficient once you get familiar with it, with it is also a smooth workflow.

Another classification to it is the commercial source of the 3d package.  These sources are basically sold depending on its quality and features brought by the package. The prices on these programs vary from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. A certain program under the commercial source is 3D Max, also known as the 3D Studio Max. When it comes to the video game industry, this program is the most popular software available. With its features, 3D Max can be used for visualization of architectural designs because it is much compatible with AutoCAD.

Another package is Cinema 4D which is a bit cheaper than the other software for its simplicity on configuration. It’s quite known as artist-friendly software. One good thing about it is that it avoids the complex nature of other technical packages. It also has a very low cost for its basic functions and its structure. Additionally, Form-Z is a three dimensional modeler. It is designed mainly for modeling but it can also perform some rendering features. Majority of the users of the form-Z are architects and interior designers.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of software made available for anyone, but always keep in mind that the software is only a temporary tool for learning and developing your skills for animation. Once you focus on one software program, you will be limited to that program. To be an effective animator, you should be skillful in designing and drawing. In other words, you should still try to widen your knowledge on this and try to learn more programs that would be of much help for you and to continue cultivate your creativity. 3d animation software download is available online! You can find a lot of options to choose from.

Free 3d animation Software

One of the most popular industries today is animation. The field of computer graphics has come a long way if you start with the time where computer animation software are non-existent. In the market today, you will find a lot of animation software which could help you achieve new animation skills.

3d has invaded animation. With a lot of 3d animation in the market today, you will surely have edge if you can work with 3d stuffs with much ease and confidence. If you want to make use of the opportunities you can work with the 3d industry, you must acquire the necessary skills on how to create better looking animated characters on a 3d platform.

The uses of 3d animation software are important if you want to know more about animation skills. It is a fact that there are a lot of options and choices if you are trying to choose the best free 3d animation software.

One of the best things to do if you want to learn a lot of things about 3d animation is to choose the best software to compliment your yearning for the skills that you need in order to survive the tedious process of acquiring 3d animation skills. You need not to worry about spending so much on these animation software. All you have to do is search and surf through the internet. You can hit the search engines and start looking for the best source of free 3d animation software.

Before you start hunting for a free animation software, you need to consider some important things. Perhaps these salient points can guide you in choosing the best software for all your 3d animation needs. Keep in mind that in order to find the best deals on these free software for 3d animation, you need to ask yourself questions on functionality, purpose and features that you would need.

Assess the entire animation skills that you would want to learn. Verify the offered functionality and tutorial stuffs for the software that you have chosen. In this way, you can shortlist the options that would fit what you need and prefer.

3d animation software which are for free may vary in levels of complexity and range of skills development. You will still experience jaw dropping animation and graphics tutorial even for the simplest low end software you might find for free. You can perhaps explore trial versions of 3d software animation tools. In this way, you will have a better feel of how your chosen software can fit your needs!

Computer Benchmarking with 3DMark2001

If you want computer benchmarking at its best, then you must work with the 3DMark2001.  This computer assessing tool runs on a wide range of tests to measure both overall 3D performance and speed, analyzing and displaying all system specifications from the driver versions to the exact hardware components of your computer.

If you are experiencing a lot of problems with your computer when you play 3d games, you need to check on its performance. Start upgrades with proper assessment of the hardware of your computer.

This benchmarking tool functions by combining DirectX 8.1 support with the latest in 3D graphics, If you want to objectively measure the effectiveness of your computer in running 3d applications and games then 3DMark2001 is the best solution for you.

You will enjoy an online results comparison tool that allows you to make informed hardware assessments and upgrade decisions.

Running a wide range of tests to measure both overall 3D performance and speed, analyzing and displaying all system specifications from the driver versions to the exact hardware of your computer, 3DMark2001 is the best option for you. You can start upgrading your computer completely using new test utilizing pixel shader 1.4. This has been included in the new version.

This benchmarking tool has an updated ‘System Info’ now also detects installed hard drives as well as AGP settings that are very important for 3D performance.  With this you can pinpoint the weak areas of your computer. You can then upgrade your computer with all the latest and most updated processors nowadays.

The 3DMark2001 SE can provide you with the most detailed benchmark results. What they do is they allow you to compare the performance of PCs against a performance  database of more than 4 million system results from various computer users online. In this way, users are allowed to compare their own system performance with other users from the various parts of the world.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of this benchmarking tool, then start hunting for the best deals for it.  This is the latest installment in the popular 3DMark series for all computer users. By combining DirectX 8.1 support with completely new graphics, this tool can continually provide benchmarking results which can empower users to make informed hardware assessment. Efficient upgrading of the machine is possible through this program.

Major Improvements for this version:

  • Future DirectX version support
  • AGP 3.0 (AGP 8x) support
  • Support for the latest hardware

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3dmark Score and Computers

You are not alone if you tend to be annoyed with a slow computer. If you are experiencing disturbance in your computer’s performance especially when you are playing games, then you must start assessing what is wrong. Wondering how is your computer doing when you want to define its performance?

We are not all comfortable using a slow computer. You will end up getting irritated as you see graphic effects are being distorted and the computer is too slow to process all your commands.

Having a sloth like computer is a big problem for those who are fond of playing computer games. With the heavy graphical demand for various 3-diemnsioanl computer games, you need to upgrade your personal computer. You will surely have some problems most specifically if you are using your pc to play computer games.

In order to improve the performance of your computer, you must learn on how to find the best benchmarking tool there is. Verify how well your computer is doing. Have you heard of computer benchmarking? This is one of the most effective ways to assess your machine thoroughly. Futuremark Corporation is one of the most famous for the benchmarking programs which could create intensive tests which could identify the strain with the most updated hardware.

Through proper comparison of the benchmark score with millions of others which you can find through software and hardware issues that will hold your PC back into performing at its optimal function and power.

A 3DMarkscore is dubbed to be the overall measure of your computer system. Your system is being analyzed with its gaming capacity based on the real time and comprehensive 3d processor tests and graphics.

A 3DMarkscore can be compared to other scores of those who are submitting for analysis and comparison. Millions of gamers online appreciate this method of assessing a computer because they can make upgrades with their machine afterwards.

Always aim for a high 3DMarkscore to ensure the efficiency of your computer. It will help you in optimizing your system in terms of 3d graphics and animation.

Assessment of a computer through computer benchmarking can help you locate the weakest areas of your computer. You will not end up on a guessing game trying to figure out what is wrong with your machine. Achieve a high performing machine through the use of proper comparison of facts among computer enthusiasts like you online. You will surely benefit from this type of software which allows the analysis of your computer’s CPU in terms of graphics, video cards and processing time.

Computer Benchmarking with 3dmark 2003

A lot of gaming enthusiasts would agree that benchmarking for your computer is one of the best ways to maintain a PC. Those who are fond of gaming will agree that bechmarking will enable you to enhance your computer to make it more suitable for the graphical demands of the latest video games we have nowadays.

One the most popular benchmarking tool is 3dmark 2003. This is one of the most popular software which was meant to test the videocard of computers. This has one test to assess your computer’s video cad through its DirectX8 capabilities and 2 for DirectX9. As most games on the market now are DirectX9, ‘03 might be an old, but not outdated videocard benchmark suite.

3Dmark 2003 is one of the most effective tool to use. If you want to get a quick picture and idea of how your videocard performs, without testing the latest features, this is the right tool for you. As ‘03 is very popular, you will be able to compare it to thousands of other users around the globe.

One of the oldest benchmarking tool but it is still perfectly valid and the most favored 3dMark series – 3dMark 2003.

This software works in combining full DirectX®9.0a support with a lot of completely new tests and graphics. The 3DMark03 Pro continues the legacy of being the industry standard benchmark. The high quality game tests, sound tests and image quality tests as well as others give you an extremely accurate picture of your system’s current gaming performance. Benchmarking has never been this good! If you want faster results and effective assessment of your computer, 3dMark is the authority.

When you are in need to crunch the systems gaming performance of your computer to the limits, do it with 2003 3dMark. This new accurate diagnostic tool, designed for DirectX®9.0, provides you with all the information you need to make informed hardware assessments.

Primary 3DMark03 Pro Features:

  • Support for Microsoft DirectX®9.0a
  • Featuring 4 new amazing game tests
  • New image quality tests
  • 3D sound performance tests
  • PRO Online services
  • Frame based rendering
  • CPU test
  • Full control over the benchmark display configuration, including resolution, colour palette, anti-aliasing and texture filtering
  • Access to the reference rasterizer image database
  • Skin tools
  • Export to MS Excel tool for easier result management and report creation

3dmark03 for your Gaming PC

Do you often experience technical interruptions on your computer? Are you not happy how your computer is working? Does your PC works like a slow machine? Are you not comfortable and convinced with how your computer is performing? You are not alone. A lot of computer users are suffering from a slow moving computer. A lot of us are annoyed with slow computer. This is one big problem if you are using your computer to play games.

With the heavy graphic appeal for various 3-diemnsional computer games, you need to upgrade your personal computer to cope with the demands.If you have sloth like computer, you will truly have a hard time coping with your deadlines or enjoying a day with your most favorite computer game.

One of the best things that you might do for your computer is to improve your computer is to verify how it performs. Heard of computer benchmarking? This is one of the most effective ways to assess your machine thoroughly. Futuremark Corporation is one of the most famous for the benchmarking programs which could create intensive tests which could identify the strain with the most updated hardware.

One of the most popular products from Futuremark is 3DMark03. This is an effective and fundamental tool for every PC user who is most interested in 3D animation and graphics creation. The performance of computer to work and function on 3d can be assessed through 3dMark03.

The measurement of your computer’s capacity shall be assessed on the next generation of games which are reliable and compared to the most recent high end gaming software. You will have better and real time 3d graphics to enhance your gaming experience. With the use of this 3DMark03 you will be able to:

Through proper comparison of the benchmark score with millions of others which you can find through software and hardware issues that will hold your PC back into performing at its optimal function and power. You will surely enjoy your computer while playing your most favorite games without worrying of speed and problems with graphics.

The 3DMark03 is a perfect benchmarking program for your gaming PC. This combines full DirectX 9.0a support with completely new tests and graphics. If you want to have utmost computer benchmarking, then this is the right one for you. The 3DMark03 continues the legacy of being the industry standard benchmark. The high quality game tests, sound tests and graphic tests as well as others give you an extremely accurate overview of your system’s current gaming performance.

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