The Basics on 3d Animation

What is the hype in 3 dimensional stuffs? Every real object that we see around has a 3rd dimension which is the reason why we can rotate an object and watch it from various angles. A lot of people are wondering on how 3D animation is all about. The difference in 3d animation and mere drawing or sketching is on the volume and dimension. The third dimension of things is its thickness and basically this is what 3d animation is all about.

3d animation works like a handful of clay. Try to sculpt an object with a piece of clay; you will see different sides and angles. Since clay has volume, you can define your objects from various angles while you are sculpting.

2 dimensional animations work using the skills of manual animators. Before the existence of computer in the field of animation, it was the artistic drawing skills of animators which bring sketches to life. There are several slides needed to make 2d animation work. The process can be tedious and quite time consuming. Several slides shall be created to depict movements and people.

With the use of computers, animation has been brought into a different level. The redrawing of frames may work and has been minimized since computers have been used in animation. With the use of computer, copying and pasting various elements between frames are very easy.

Artists need to make the necessary changes which should exist in the successive frames. The artist can use computers and other advanced software which minimized the work of a 2d animation artist. Computers allow the motion tweening to set an initial shape or position of a specific object you want to animate. The final shape and position of the object can be generated by the computer automatically through intermediate frames. One of the best things in using computer for animation is the fact that artists can now enjoy the freedom of making necessary corrections on the sketches.

3d animation has simulated the use of gradients with varying highlights. This type of animation has required a huge and enormous effort from the artist himself. There are several steps involved in the this 3 dimensional animation which depicts a lot of lively movements and vibrant colors.

Character sketching is one of the most basic steps in 3 dimensional animations which should include sketches from the artist on how the character should look like in several angles. The sketch should be done on canvas or paper. With a lot of variations, 3d animators can create characters and sculpt a 3d model.

Another step in 3 dimensional animations, character modeling must be done by the artist who has the expertise in making use of animation tools and modeling. With the skill and imagination of animators there will be greater chances of creating and sculpting figures.

Animation on 3d is very popular nowadays. There are other steps involved like scene building, lighting and setting up of the camera similar to that in the real movie making process. The animation should start by applying motion to static elements. Various scenes may require key frames based on the story board itself. The worlds of animation with 3d effects are a feast for the senses. It makes us appreciate things similar to what we have in the real world.

Where to Find the Best Deals in 3d Games

A lot of people are so fond of playing games on the internet. With the advent of technology came the splurge of 3D games to entertain and pass off leisure time. Men and women have found a different type of entertainment. There are a lot of reasons why people would want to spend their afternoon with their friends and families.

There are a lot of 3D games to choose if you want to make your gaming experience to be fun. Some of the deals with these video games are expensive and some may require premiums before you can download it. What you can do is to find the cheapest and the most affordable deals with 3d video games. You can find the best deals in 3 dimensional games online.

With the growing number of people who are on the look for the most affordable video games online. Keep this in mind; you do not have to pay a certain amount to play your most favorite 3 dimensional games online. Here are some tips to follow on how to find the best deals on 3d games:

Tip #1: Patience remains the best virtue for your wallet. You do not have to panic once a video game has been released in the market. Unless you would want to have the latest video as they hit the stores and you are willing to splurge a fortune on this, then you need not to wait. This can be quite unhealthy on your wallet so you might as well wait for several weeks to nail down the best prices in the market. You can find cheaper prices of these video games after weeks of being released as the hype subsides.

Tip#2: You can check out 3d video games which have been used. If you have friends who are fond of video gaming, then you might want to ask if he or she is selling some of her 3 – dimensional games. A lot of times, some of the owners of 3d games can sell their prized possessions at very affordable prices.

Tip #3: Retail stores are the best options for you. You can head out and check several video gaming retail stores and look for promotional offers as well as on sale items. You can drop by a local video store and ask for their cheapest video games being sold.

Tip#4: Spare some dollars to rent a 3dminensional games which often cost less then some dollars per game.  Two of the most famous video renting establishments like GameFly and Block buster. You can find the most affordable prices for all 3d online games.

Tip#5: There are a lot of sources for the cheapest and the most affordable deals in terms of prices for 3 dimensional games. You can use search engines (Yahoo,Google and MSN as well as Bing ,etc) to look for the best deals online. They offer the same range of video games to choose from. You can even try some of the trial versions of video games. In this way, you can decide on which game you will purchase.

The Little Ones in the Great ‘Wonderland’

Just recently ‘Alice in Wonderland’ became the sixth movie to enter the billion-dollar-movie club.

Based on the book of Lewis Carroll, it’s the story of a girl named Alice (played by Mia Wasikowska) who accidentally fell into a rabbit hole that brought her to the ‘Underland’ popularly known as ‘Wonderland’. There she met many interesting creatures – the talking animals, the two weird queens reigning over the rival kingdoms, and the Mad Hatter (played by Johnny Depp).

It was indeed accidental when Alice fell into the rabbit hole, but for the inhabitants of ‘Underland’ it was her destiny to free them from the Red Queen’s rule as she was the only one who could slay the Red Queen’s Jabberwocky – a fearsome, dragon-like creature.

It’s not the first time the story of Alice reaches the worldwide audience. And usually stories that have been retold several times have fading impacts. But what made ‘Alice’ of 2010 surge so high?

I think it’s not the story but it’s the way each character was visually presented. Thanks to the brilliant technology used for the graphics and to the great hands that sculpted the faces of those giggling characters.

To some extent it is arguable if I say it’s the technology that did wonders for ‘Alice’ because in the first place the movie was not filmed in 3D but in 2D. 3D came in only during its post production. Of course, technology alone cannot make us laugh. Technology alone cannot make characters’ alive. But it’s the creative, artistic minds and skillful hands that drive the technology to tickle our imagination.

Taking visual impact into account, I don’t refer to the sceneries of the ‘Wonderland’. ‘Wonderland’ is not a wonderland at all for me. It’s far behind the breathtaking ‘Pandora’ in ‘Avatar’ in terms of awesomeness. The fighting scene of Alice and the Jabberwocky is not that impressive.

I think the secret of ‘Wonderland’ lies in the little guys that make us laugh in their little moments. Ironically, Alice is not the most the impressive of all characters. She’s probably the most boring in the entire ‘Underland’. The Red Queen was even more interesting. The Mad Hatter was amusing but still he is not the best there. Among all the computer-generated characters Jabberwocky seems to be the most important one but it’s not reason why ‘Wonderland’ should deserve great attention.

Let’s put our wide eyes on the little ones.

First, look at the White Rabbit. How he amusingly displayed that spy-look while slipping away from Alice. Then there are these Tweedle twins who constantly made us giggle with their silly looks and acts of stupidity. Without them it would have been a different outcome for ‘Alice’. Then meet the wise Absolom, the smoking caterpillar – sweet, adorable, very cool and as smooth as the smoke that playfully came out of his mouth. The sweet-smiling Cheshire Cat who has the power to appear and disappear was just as powerful as Monalisa in keeping his smile wonderful and contagious.

Indeed, the golden wonder of this movie lies on the artistic utilization of the state-of-the-art graphics applied on the little characters. Now let’s put on the looking-glass the unimportant, poor, little frog that appears in the middle of the story struggling to conceal his guilt from the scrutinizing eyes of the Red Queen. I’m not sure if that frog appears in the original Lewis Carroll’s book. But I think its role there in the movie was just to portray the terrorizing character of the Red Queen. Look at it closely in the eyes. How it appeared so naturally nervous. It was just an insignificant moment of the story, but a very significant achievement of the movie’s character artists. And I consider it as the movie’s critical point and barometer of success.