The Basics on 3d Animation

What is the hype in 3 dimensional stuffs? Every real object that we see around has a 3rd dimension which is the reason why we can rotate an object and watch it from various angles. A lot of people are wondering on how 3D animation is all about. The difference in 3d animation and mere drawing or sketching is on the volume and dimension. The third dimension of things is its thickness and basically this is what 3d animation is all about.

3d animation works like a handful of clay. Try to sculpt an object with a piece of clay; you will see different sides and angles. Since clay has volume, you can define your objects from various angles while you are sculpting.

2 dimensional animations work using the skills of manual animators. Before the existence of computer in the field of animation, it was the artistic drawing skills of animators which bring sketches to life. There are several slides needed to make 2d animation work. The process can be tedious and quite time consuming. Several slides shall be created to depict movements and people.

With the use of computers, animation has been brought into a different level. The redrawing of frames may work and has been minimized since computers have been used in animation. With the use of computer, copying and pasting various elements between frames are very easy.

Artists need to make the necessary changes which should exist in the successive frames. The artist can use computers and other advanced software which minimized the work of a 2d animation artist. Computers allow the motion tweening to set an initial shape or position of a specific object you want to animate. The final shape and position of the object can be generated by the computer automatically through intermediate frames. One of the best things in using computer for animation is the fact that artists can now enjoy the freedom of making necessary corrections on the sketches.

3d animation has simulated the use of gradients with varying highlights. This type of animation has required a huge and enormous effort from the artist himself. There are several steps involved in the this 3 dimensional animation which depicts a lot of lively movements and vibrant colors.

Character sketching is one of the most basic steps in 3 dimensional animations which should include sketches from the artist on how the character should look like in several angles. The sketch should be done on canvas or paper. With a lot of variations, 3d animators can create characters and sculpt a 3d model.

Another step in 3 dimensional animations, character modeling must be done by the artist who has the expertise in making use of animation tools and modeling. With the skill and imagination of animators there will be greater chances of creating and sculpting figures.

Animation on 3d is very popular nowadays. There are other steps involved like scene building, lighting and setting up of the camera similar to that in the real movie making process. The animation should start by applying motion to static elements. Various scenes may require key frames based on the story board itself. The worlds of animation with 3d effects are a feast for the senses. It makes us appreciate things similar to what we have in the real world.

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