3d Animation Movies

3d animation movies are the best if you want to experience a different kind of viewing pleasure.

Hire the voice actor/s needed for narrations and dialogues. This can be you and it will not cost anything. Another resource is family and friends. Amateur and professional actors can be expensive. The rates can be determined by the movie’s length and the possible number of DVD copies made.

Edit the movie. Once the animation is finished, you will have to edit the scenes and place voices to it and sounds and music until you’re satisfied with it. You can have the filmed screened to an audience before you make a final cut.

Initiate DVD production. Once you have a master computer file for DVD burning, start production of your computer animated film in DVD. A single DVD burner on your computer won’t be enough. You will need to buy a disk duplicator or hire a company to make copies. You also need to consider things that go with DVD production such as the design of the label, DVD case, DVD cover, blank DVDs and the initial quantities needed. You can buy additional materials if demand is high.

Promote your computer animated work. There are several options in doing this. Word of mouth, internet marketing, print media, film contests, film festivals , conventions, and television commercials are good examples. Giving copies for free at first is one good way of promoting your work. You will be very proud of your own 3d animation movies that you have created.

A computer animation project can still fail even if the film is good.  You can always use the 3d animation film as an example of the work you can do in demo reels, you may also use this in getting a job that requires someone with technical skills in computer generated imagery or CGI.

Fail or not, the film serves you an edge in the animation industry.  Go and create your own 3d animated movies.

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