Entertainment to the Next Level: Samsung 3D TV

It’s an all new product in the entertainment world; this is the Samsung 3DTV! There has that has nothing but glowing words to say about it, that says “we don’t reckon you’ll be sorry you bought this Samsung.”

They even watched Monsters vs. Aliens on the 40C7000 TV, with a BD-C6900 Blu-ray player from Samsung 3D TV. What we can say is that the active LCD shuttered glasses were of the SSG2100AB model, which cost £100 each ($152). While they do point out that have used two different 3DTV sets in order to complete the review as”neither were 100 percent finished in the making), between the two models they “had all the major features to it.”


For anyone out there that is considering a 3DTV, it sounds as though TechRadar had a pretty good experience with it. They found some unpredictable results to it with the frame delay technique and the connections proved rather fiddly, but still it stands up as a great TV that just so happens to be 3d at a premium. I’d be wary buying a 3DTV in the first wave however, as prices will come down and technology will improve—and besides, my personal opinion is that 3DTV just isn’t worth getting het up about anyway.


If ever you had any doubts about that the big thing in televisions this year would be the 3d feature, then the Samsung’s CES press conference would finally convince you to this. The company is throwing its rather large manufacturing weight behind 3D in the home, bringing not just TVs but 3D Blu-ray players and home theater systems into stores this year.


The TV’s were certainly the focus today and consists of LED’s, LCD’s and even a plasma model to it. The star, though, and the one that Jeffrey Katzenberg couldn’t keep his hands off (more on that in a second), was the 9000-series; this 3D TV features a proprietary 3d engine like that of Toshiba’s new sets, its can even convert 2D video into 3D (but Samsung showed this as a temporary solution until more 3D videos are available). The 9000-series will come in screen sizes from 19” to 65”, but that wasn’t why Katzenberg was fingering the thing and gawking at it as the presentation wore on. Just one siple look at the photo can tell you the answer, the TVs arethin, which is without doubt a third of an inch thin. Turn one of these sideways and it all but disappears. Try to add to that gorgeous steel body and you will get a TV that is even an impossibly rich movie mogul would long for!


Better still; the 9000 series will come with a large touch-screen remote. But why waste that second screen when you are not even actually doing any controlling to it? Samsung lets you watch live TV on the remote itself while the big screen continues to play your 3D movie.


Samsung is basically jumping on the App Wagon as well and in the spring there will be a range of free apps and they are not simply called applications anymore. In its own store, it is called ‘Samsung Apps’. The store will be open, so anyone can write software for your TV, and thus the paid content will likely follow in the summer, and even followed by software for other platforms like phones and even other alike to it. A new Samsung 3D TV is certainly something worth giving your time and consideration.

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