Transformers: The Dark of The Moon

Transformers: The Dark of The Moon again brings staple cast members Shia LeBeouf, Frances McDormand, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro and many others together under the direction of director Michael Bay. Additionally, this new movie also features the acting debut of Megan Fox’s replacement and former Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as the female lead role (Sam Witwicky’s new love interest).

Fighting robots from Cybertron will once thrill the silverscreen! The Transformers movie has brought a lot of childhood memories of those movie goers who are so fund of Autobots leader Optimus Prime, Bumblee Bee, Iron Hide, Sideswipe as they battle it out with the Decepticons once again.

Transformers fans are very excited with the upcoming toy line which shall be released with the Transformers: The Dark of The Moon. Millions of collectors out there are drooling over these collectibles. Custom toys from this Transformers film shall be released prior the date of the actual movie.

Megan Fox fans will be quite disappointed with this new Transformers movie, where she was kicked out of the film. Michael Bay replaced Fox with Rosie Huntington who is a model from Victoria Secret.

A lot of Transformers fans are running after the thrill and excitement of seeing these mega-robots do their action moves on the widescreen! These robots an really kick some ass! A plot would be just an icing on the cake.

Transformers: The Dark of The Moon
is scheduled on July 1, 2011 – a catchy date, and the countdown has already begun. Linkin Park has contributed a soundtrack song for this film. With songs like ‘What I’ve Done’ and ‘New Divide’ which clearly defined Transformers 1 and 2 respectively, and Transformers 3 is going to have its own song as well.

Keep yourselves abreast of the updates regarding the Transformers: The Dark of The Moon. You will never know what fun and thrill you will have after watching this blockbuster film!


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