Dream Trigger 3D

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Playing 3d games is one of the best forms of passing out your leisure hours. Spend some time with your friends and families for fun and exciting games every time. Downloading 3d games online is a perfect way to kill time. All you 3d game lovers out there, here is another breed of fun and thrill. The Dream Trigger 3D is a bullet hell shooter which balances on the edge of overloading the players by using 3d, directional control, touch screens and triggers.

One of the main reasons why Dream Trigger 3D is the best is for the top screen main play area. Though this is a bullet hell game, this does not scroll and enemies can either exit or enter from various sides.

Producer Joe Fletcher noted that development on Dream Trigger 3D has actually been completed. On the other hand, Nintendo wanted to space out releases for the 3DS launch. D3 is waiting to hear back regarding a concrete launch date. Sooner or later it will hit the market and take it by storm.

The game Dream Trigger 3D features a wide variety of stages where both the player and enemies are made up of abstract shapes and for some instance mimicking flowers or digital signal. The music is highly dynamic, changing depending what is happening on the screen.

Dream Trigger 3D is full sensory overload, and an interesting take on the bullet hell sub-genre. There’s really no other game like it.


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