The Polar Express 3D

A lot of people are so into 3d movies. If you are crazy about 3d movies, then you are not alone. The amazing visual effects of3d movies have swept the movie industry and has revolutionized how we see 3d for games, movies and various character in a lot of different movies.

One of the block buster films of 2004 , the Polar Express has touched a myriad of children and adults alike. Seeing the place where Santa Clause lives is a dream come true for all kids and those who are young at heart. The Polar Express 3D is a  masterpiece of Robert Zemeckis directing. The entire film was based from the Chris Van Allsburg written and illustrated children’s classic.

You will surely appreciate the usual 3d movie we have but The Polar Express 3d will tickle your funny bones. Most people would prefer to watch 3d movies despite its expensive cost in the movie theater. This is brought by the visual appeal of the films.

Some critics didn’t care for the technical exercise that The Polar Express 3d represented, but even the most hardened were charmed.

At the time this came out, many parallels got drawn between the CGI Final Fantasy movie, and its notorious ‘dead eyed’ synthetic characters. My technical take on that is that, while this isn’t perfect by any respect, it’s far superior to Final Fantasy in both execution and the quality of representation.

The Polar Express 3d has some slightly odd moments, but it also has some really great character sequences, my favourites been those where Tom Hanks delivers an excellent mo-cap performance for the hobo. It isn’t entirely consistent, but more works, generally, than doesn’t.

If I’ve got a complaint about the movie overall it’s that they get to the North Pole far too quickly, as proceedings are far less interesting once they get there. I’d have quite happily taken more train adventure, and a lot less Santa and his irritating elves.

Think of the thrill and fun seeing the brilliant elves and the splendid North Pole. A lot of people would love the glitz and glam of the North Pole. Just imagine the festive colors of Christmas and how it will look on 3- dimensional platform!

The Polar Express 3d will surely satisfy your creative cravings!

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