Call of the Wild 3D

Call of the Wild is known to be the classic novel written by Jack London. This classic treat gets a contemporary, modern and gender twist for a family adventure flick. At age nine years old, Ryan Hale (played by Ariel Gade) is a city girl at heart, and spending time with her grandfather (Christopher Lloyd) in the cold Montana wilderness isn’t her idea of what fun times should be. Call of the Wild 3d is now on a 3d platform which makes this film more fun and exciting.

However, the appearance of a wild dog named Buck changes Ryan’s attitude towards his Montana experience.  Through a dog race on the (ice-covered) horizon, Ryan may now be able to call Montana home. The entire film involved the possibility if Buck can be tamed or his wild instincts will never wear off. Call of the World 3d features Wes Studl, Veronica Cartwright and Timothy Bottoms.


Call of the Wild 3D is a production from Check Entertainment and directed by Richard Gabai. The 86 minute live action family adventure stars Christopher Lloyd and Ariel Gade. Ariel plays 10 year old Ryan, visiting her grandfather on her winter vacation in the unspoiled big sky country of Montana. Shot entirely on location, this action and family oriented movies has scene the natural beauty of America’s “last best place”.

A city girl, young Ryan is initially disenchanted with the slow paced, small town lifestyle of Lincoln Montana. She finds it too boring compared to the city she lives in When she nurses an injured wolf/dog back to health and befriends a young dog sled musher, Jack, played by Kameron Knox, her adventure begins to unfold. Her new canine friend Buck quickly takes to the dog sled and becomes Jack’s new lead dog. With Buck at the head of the pack, Ryan and Jack may have the finest dog sled team in the entire valley! Call of the Wild 3d will give you the most visually appealing movie for your friends and family.

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