The Infamous Borg Invasion

Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA made Star Trek: the Experience as one of their main attractions. It opened last January 1998 and closed by 2008 and was then rescheduled to open once more on May 8, 2009 for the Star Trek movie premiere. It was then pushed back to 2010, but current plans are unclear. The pavilion had renovations in 2004 that added the Borg Invasion 4-D attraction that gave the people an actual experience with Borgs. Star Trek: The Experience was operated by entertainment management company Cedar Fair Entertainment Company after its June 2006 purchase of Paramount Parks from the CBS Corporation.

Basically the ticket lets you go through a museum with several items and Star Trek history. It featured several video display devices and timeline of Star Trek events. There were displays of each major alien race; these were the Borg, Klingons, and Ferengi. Ticket prices increased, letting visitors’ unlimited rides. The last section of the museum was a hallway that served as the attraction queues. The left side was for the Borg Invasion 4-D and the right side for Klingon. Basically the Borg ride was more in demand by the people. Certainly the show was made for the utmost entertainment of the audience, may it be one may sit at the back or front. The History of the Future Museum closed alongside the closure of The Experience in 2008. Initially, the people would enter a room showing a scene of outer space; A small TV show scene relating to Star Trek. The group then entered a smaller, dimly lit waiting area of a traditional simulator ride.

Visitors lined up in rows in front of doors, as hosts direct their attention to the screens above for a safety demo for the shuttlecraft simulator ride. Moments into the film, the TV flickered, and the lights went on; A variety of loud noises accompanied by hundreds of small light flashes that visually simulate the “transporter effect,” along with the transporter sound effect and a rush of cold air. As the lights returned, the walls and floor have somewhat vanished and you were on a transporter pad. You are now on the Enterprise-D, transporter room as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation.


On the transporter pad, a uniformed Starfleet officer asked for the leaders of the group and directed them away for instruction, the group is then led to the bridge. The group was on the rear between the science stations and the tactical station. There were several crewmembers on the bridge, and they contacted Commander Riker, that was then on the view screen.


Riker explained that Captain Picard disappeared the moment the group beamed aboard the Enterprise and that one member may be Picard’s ancestor. Starfleet Intelligence, learned such plan, dispatched the Enterprise in order to intercept the Klingon’s transporter beam and rescue the group. Riker directs the group to board a shuttlecraft with Geordi La Forge to get the guest to their proper timeline. While the group was in the turbolift, the Klingons attack the Enterprise. The group then arrives at the shuttle bay after passing through the Enterprise’s Grand Corridor.

The group boarded the shuttlecraft. The shuttle ride began with a battle between the Enterprise and Klingon vessels. The shuttle then went into warp and then instructed to seek and destroy a cloaking generator. There were several battles and visual effects during such time. The shuttle then returned through the temporal rift to present-day Las Vegas.

Unfortunately a Klingon ship followed, however Enterprise saved the shuttle at the last minute. The shuttle landed at Las Vegas Hilton next to the “motion simulators” shuttles the visitors were originally waiting to enter when they were “beamed off” at the start of the story.

Captain Picard thanks the crew and leaves them a message. Riders are then invited to stop for a moment and watch on an overhead TV monitor “on the news” from Nellis Air Force Base. “But what about the eyewitness accounts Colonel?” The official then stops, and says “…Sunspots.” The “newscast” features actual anchors from Las Vegas NBC affiliate, KVBC. Surely it is an experience not to be forgotten.





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