What to expect of ‘Carmen’

It is basically coming soon to a cinema near you, it is the world’s most popular opera ever, Gearge Bizet’s Carmen- for the very first time ever and even made more spectacular in great 3d for the best viewing experience.

It is a co-production of RealD and London’s Royal Opera House, CARMEN IN 3D, it gives viewers the best ever seats in the house and taking them on a magical carpet ride into the heart of the production- wherein the viewers are immersed into the very exciting and captivating story of love, jealousy and betrayal, it is certainly one of the must watch shows to be arrive soon.
Carmen in 3D is a great dazzling film that is sure to entertain any viewer, it is filled with some of the best loved music ever made and written and it is performed by a world class cast. It has English subtitles all throughout the flow, it is certainly a perfect event for a lifelong opera fans and the first timers alike; also available exclusively in RealD theaters beginning in March 2011.
It has many themes to it; Passion, jealousy and betrayal take the center stage of London’s Royal Opera House in a dazzling and spectacular production of the worlds best opera made available. Georges Bizet’s Carmen is packed with some of the best-loved and memorable music in all of opera. It has almost everything for the entertainment of the viewers, from intimate solos to rousing choruses- it has the seductive ‘Habanera’ and ‘The Toreador’s song’ are just two of the most well known melodies to be played there.
Critics of Carmen’s very first performance in the year 1875 planned it and with it declaring ‘vulgar’ and ‘contemptible’. In part of this was because of its humble setting amid the gypsies and the knife wielding cigarette workers of Seville. Bizet never lived to see the opera’s success; he died three months later. It then went on to achie4ve world triumph within the five years frame and is now one of the most popular works in The Royal Opera’s repertory. Without doubt, this is one show to be expected very well and it is certainly leave unforgettable memories.
At the center of the musical drama is the fiery Carmen, one gypsy woman whose love is as fleeting as it is passionate and sincere. Carmen has a devastating effect on the men she ensnares, and as the opera begins, she initiates an intense love-affair with army corporal Don José. It was then later when she abandons him for her new conquest however the bull-fighter Escamillo, Don Jose’s jealousy becomes an emotion filled with rage. At such time, Carmen has pushed one suitor too far for her own good.
In this characteristically vivid and very vibrant stage production by the skills of Francesca Zambello, and is beautifully filmed in 3D by Julian Napier, Seville is brought to life with ranks of soldiers, crowds of peasants, gypsies and bullfighters – as well as a magnificent horse, a donkey, and even some chickens!
This is surely one spectacular RealD and Royal Opera House Production that features a great and certainly talented cast with gripping drama and Bizet’s energetic and very passionate score. It is certainly a musical event to remember, and it will surely leave memories that can be cherished with enjoyment and satisfaction at heart. So if ever you are in the search of good quality performance and a show that will leave you breathless and full of satisfaction, this show is certainly for you! It is certainly a must see for any person that loves this kind of entertainment.

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