A Movie Review on: The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is probably a movie that is almost an unbearable demonstration of the movie that almost has nothing to do about the supposed story. Good enough however is the fact that it has followed the rough storyline of the previous versions of the title, and another thing about it is that it seems to neglect the whole construction of a plot engine in pulling viewers through. There are so many pointless dialogue scenes going here and there and much too slowly, and then pointless action scenes going everywhere that kind of too quick, thus makes the movie somewhat dull in a manner.

Apparently Seth Rogen, derives much of the blame on this part here. He is mainly the one that co-wrote the whole screenplay of it, giving himself way too many words, and then hurls them tirelessly at us at some modified shout. He is basically the one that portrays  the role of Britt Reid, a spoiled little rich brat in the story that grows up years later in the same manner as the son of a millionaire newspaper publisher; where Tom Wilkinson apparently remains the same age as his son’s ages from about 10 to perhaps 30, which is kind of confusing in the movie. Afterwhich the death of his father, he starts to show of little interest when it comes to running the whole newspaper company and decides to bond with Kato; role played by Jay Chou, this was his father’s auto mechanic and coffee maker.

Kato’s role is being played by Bruce Lee that is also played on the TV series. And apparently Jay Chou is not likely a Bruce Lee, but it’s hard to judge him as an actor here especially with Rogen hyperventilating through one scene to the next. Together they made a somewhat damn-fool plan in deciding that in fighting crime; they planned on impersonating a criminal, which are of course The Green Hornet and his sidekick. They then carry this out while they wear masks that serve almost no purpose as far as one could determine, except to make them look suspicious in a way. But honestly, who wears a mask nowadays?

Now for the antagonists, the crime lord that governs the city is Chudnofsky which is played by Christoph Waltz, the Oscar winner from the movie “Inglourious Basterds”. This gives the movie with a villain but hardly with a decent character to the whole plot of it.

basically the entire war going on with the Chudnofsky and the Hornet is carried out in a great several vehicle stunts and of course, explosions, which go on and on and on, too much repeated that it got to the point that it sadly became kind of dull, as if screenwriter Rogen got tired of his own dialogue which is not as quickly as we do,  and thus scribbled in: this second unit here supplies nine minutes of CGI action. There is a role in the film for Cameron Diaz as Lenore Case in the movie; she is the ‘would-be secretary for young Reid’, but nothing for her to do there sadly. She basically works primarily to let the camera to cut to her in a time to time manner, which is kind of pleasant for some but sort of unsatisfying overall. Diaz majorly has a famously wonderful smile, and curiously in her first shot in the film, she smiles for no reason at all, maybe just to enter the smile on the record of the movie.

It is as if the director of this made a half cooked mess, and this was done by Michel Gondry, whose “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” that sadly didn’t have the same cut as this. The  whole casting was about for something to praise, one can recall and hear a stange and unique sound for the first time, a high pitched whooshing scream; however one many not think that Gondry can even claim it, considering it was from the hand dryers in the nearby men’s room the whole manner. And also remember that the movie was shot in 3-D. And if you think about it, the more you get to see the process, that you begin to understand that it was majorly one good way in getting easy extra charge for one dim picture that is hardly worth the watch, so if ever you are deciding to watch this, you might want to reconsider things before doing so.






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