Alice in Adventure Land ( Alice in Wonderland 3d)

The most talked about movie, Alice in Wonderland hit the big screen that surprise the world the great comeback of the incredible duo Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  Of course, who would ever forget the delicious movie Charlie and the chocolate factory?  Both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp work in that movie.  But enough of it, Alice in Wonderland became a big hit that turns our head at the sights of the movie poster.  Now, to be sure, who watched Alice in Wondeland?  I’m sure everyone watches it.  Who wouldn’t?  Now, we are all dying to watch who would play Alice and the great effect of how Tim Burton creates Alice in Wonderland his own way.  But, we are also dying to know how Johnny Depp could pull off a trick as he starred as The Mad Hatter.  We all know Johnny Depp can pull any characters given to him.  Be that crazy, victimized, drunk or tortured, he could pull off anything!  Remember Charlie and the chocolate factory?  Now that’s the movie I simply enjoy.  But that’s only second to the coolest, swashbuckling, pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.  Not only he can yield a sword but he can handle a sword even if he is drunk.   Let us go back to the story Alice in Wonderland.  We always know that the story begins with Alice following a peculiar rabbit, which wears a dress shirt and carry a watch, and she falls down the rabbit hole.  And the story goes on and on and on.  But what we didn’t expect is the twist of the story where it is far from our own version of Alice in Wonderland.  Of course, Disney has its way of making Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland into a cartoon.  We all know that Alice ( Disney’s Alice)  is a girl who is so mischievous, curious that she sometimes gets into trouble.  All little girls do, including me.  But what makes Alice different is that she is girl who is surrounded by all things different from he and all tings who doesn’t exist in the real world.  But in Wonderland, she is the one who is different.  Confusing?  I know.  It’s hard to understand something confusing.  Anyway, that’s out version of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

What about Tim Burton’s version?  It’s still the same like the book or Disney but with more flair, action, and a much added thrill to the fantasy.  What I really admired about the movie is that Tim Burtons really know how to tell a story.  Of course, it has values in it and a strong sense of self that the character possesses.  It’s rare to see a woman possess a feministic allure that can be used for a battle.  In this story, even though Alice knew that the world she steps in is far from reality and all things are fantasy or something doesn’t exist, she keeps her mind as realistic as possible.  She doesn’t know how she came to be in that place where weirdness can describe a thing, but it doesn’t scare her.  She faced a situation where she knows that her humaneness is the only thing that keeps her sane.  That despite that she could never understand the thing happening around them, she still facet like she face a problem, head-on and gear-up.  Even if she is in the fantasy world, her realistic views keep her motivated to finish something that was never hers to begin with. Now that’s what I call real woman. (I’m a feminist; I believe that a woman can do anything a man can do!)

Of course, every one of us watched the movie and I say I enjoyed it.  It’s not every year Tim Burton can create a great movie.  But what is cool is that Alice in Wonderland gives us, especially women, something we can fight for.  Not brute or power but something a woman possesses as she is faced with a difficult situation.

It gives great pleasure that a movie directed by Tim Burton can hit the audience with great impact.  Maybe it’s just me but what can I say about the movie.  Like I said, “Two Thumbs Up!”  of course, some would be disappointed and some would complain.  I won’t!  Alice in Wonderland teaches me more than just a movie itself.  It teaches me that sometimes, a certain situation can happen wherever you are.  That sometimes you have to face a problem head on.  Even if you’re not Alice who went to the Wonderland and fight the queen, we can be Alice in our surreal world of impossibility.

Sometimes, it’s nice if we could read Lewiss Carrol’s Alice in wonderland so that we could simply enjoy the possibly of being a young girl in a fantasy world.

The Little Ones in the Great ‘Wonderland’

Just recently ‘Alice in Wonderland’ became the sixth movie to enter the billion-dollar-movie club.

Based on the book of Lewis Carroll, it’s the story of a girl named Alice (played by Mia Wasikowska) who accidentally fell into a rabbit hole that brought her to the ‘Underland’ popularly known as ‘Wonderland’. There she met many interesting creatures – the talking animals, the two weird queens reigning over the rival kingdoms, and the Mad Hatter (played by Johnny Depp).

It was indeed accidental when Alice fell into the rabbit hole, but for the inhabitants of ‘Underland’ it was her destiny to free them from the Red Queen’s rule as she was the only one who could slay the Red Queen’s Jabberwocky – a fearsome, dragon-like creature.

It’s not the first time the story of Alice reaches the worldwide audience. And usually stories that have been retold several times have fading impacts. But what made ‘Alice’ of 2010 surge so high?

I think it’s not the story but it’s the way each character was visually presented. Thanks to the brilliant technology used for the graphics and to the great hands that sculpted the faces of those giggling characters.

To some extent it is arguable if I say it’s the technology that did wonders for ‘Alice’ because in the first place the movie was not filmed in 3D but in 2D. 3D came in only during its post production. Of course, technology alone cannot make us laugh. Technology alone cannot make characters’ alive. But it’s the creative, artistic minds and skillful hands that drive the technology to tickle our imagination.

Taking visual impact into account, I don’t refer to the sceneries of the ‘Wonderland’. ‘Wonderland’ is not a wonderland at all for me. It’s far behind the breathtaking ‘Pandora’ in ‘Avatar’ in terms of awesomeness. The fighting scene of Alice and the Jabberwocky is not that impressive.

I think the secret of ‘Wonderland’ lies in the little guys that make us laugh in their little moments. Ironically, Alice is not the most the impressive of all characters. She’s probably the most boring in the entire ‘Underland’. The Red Queen was even more interesting. The Mad Hatter was amusing but still he is not the best there. Among all the computer-generated characters Jabberwocky seems to be the most important one but it’s not reason why ‘Wonderland’ should deserve great attention.

Let’s put our wide eyes on the little ones.

First, look at the White Rabbit. How he amusingly displayed that spy-look while slipping away from Alice. Then there are these Tweedle twins who constantly made us giggle with their silly looks and acts of stupidity. Without them it would have been a different outcome for ‘Alice’. Then meet the wise Absolom, the smoking caterpillar – sweet, adorable, very cool and as smooth as the smoke that playfully came out of his mouth. The sweet-smiling Cheshire Cat who has the power to appear and disappear was just as powerful as Monalisa in keeping his smile wonderful and contagious.

Indeed, the golden wonder of this movie lies on the artistic utilization of the state-of-the-art graphics applied on the little characters. Now let’s put on the looking-glass the unimportant, poor, little frog that appears in the middle of the story struggling to conceal his guilt from the scrutinizing eyes of the Red Queen. I’m not sure if that frog appears in the original Lewis Carroll’s book. But I think its role there in the movie was just to portray the terrorizing character of the Red Queen. Look at it closely in the eyes. How it appeared so naturally nervous. It was just an insignificant moment of the story, but a very significant achievement of the movie’s character artists. And I consider it as the movie’s critical point and barometer of success.