Amityville 3D

Amityville is horror movie which features Susan Baxter ( Lori Loughlin) whose parents have separated. Her father John played by Tony Roberts was a journalist who bought the abandoned house in Amityville in order to conduct some research activities with various scientists since the legend that a family has been slain by a family member.


Nancy who is Susan’s mother (Tess Harper) forbidden her daughter to go near the house but she refrains from listening to her and breaks into the house with her friends. The entire house has a spot hole in the ground of the basement area which is leading through the center of the Earth which was once dubbed to be an Indian burial ground.

Eventually, Susan has frown in the lake there and the parents are summoning upon the spirits living inside the house with a paranormal investigator as Nancy saw her deceased daughter who Is still alive in the house. Susan was too curious that he went through the hole which is bubbling with water and various deadly events took place there after.

A lot of movie goers who seek to find horror and thrill will surely enjoy Amityville. The entire movie is now available through a 3d protocol. Movie lovers will surely enjoy the great visual appeal of Amityville 3d. You will love how this gore and horror can send you goose bumps. Hair raising scenes from this Amityville 3d movie will surely send you sleepless nights.

This 3d rendition of Amityville is way too silly to be considered dark and scary. This film does not explain much itself on how well the Lutz family were murdered in the house were of course the DeFoes. Some of the scenes in the film are quite corny and unbelievable yet very entertaining.

On the night of November of 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr has killed 6 of his own family members in what would come to be known as the Amityville murders. That’s the true Amityville horror, but the story continues after that. George Lutz and his wife (along with their three children) moved into that house on Ocean Avenue the following December.


Kathy Lutz found the place creepy right away and 28 days later, the family moved from that residence claiming they’d experienced traumatic paranormal events.