Beauty and the Beast in 3D

Beauty and the beast was said to be released this February. Few months have passed and we still have not heard much about the release of an official trailer which would become squeeze into the main announcements which made the film look like it slipped off the sheet. It has been a real shame since there are demo sequences released last March which were well received by its audience. Beauty and the Beast in 3D will surely capture the hearts of men and women alike.

The news which says that Beauty and Beast in 3D shall be released in Blu-ray which was expected to happen in October in the coming years.

The most frustrating change they made with Beauty and the Beast 3D is being pushed from 2011 to completely off the schedule.  The film was originally set to come out this past Valentine’s Day.  According to Heat Vision the release has been moved to 2012 or perhaps later so that there will be more 3D TVs in homes when the movie finally hits the silver screen.  That way, when people see how fantastic and amazing the movie looks in 3D, they’ll buy the 3D Blu-ray when it’s released.  Thankfully, fans will get to see a gorgeous High Definition transfer of the movie when the film hits Blu-ray this October.

It was even reported that the entire project has been canceled as reported on Pixar’s News. Now it looks like that the entire project has been officially shed off by Disney. Other release date changes would include Monsters, Inc. from November 16, 2012 to November 2, 2012. Fans of the teen comedy flick entitled PROM will also expect to see their favorite movie on April 29, 2011. Another animated movie suffering from date alterations for its release is DreamWorks’ The Guardians (tentative title) which is being moved from November 21, 2012 to November 2, 2012.

Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is its magical animated classic which returns in the big screen in a 3d platform will truly mesmerize its audience as it showcase the same old magic and romance of this cartoon classic. Beauty and the Beast in 3D is still waiting off the rack to amuse its audience from various parts of the world.