Brijes 3d

If you want to immerse yourself with the world of fairies and Latino animation, then Brijes 3d is the best choice for you.  This latino movie revolves around the existence of human and brijes. The Brijes are magical animal spirits that have been in contact with human beings since the beginning. It has been said that every human had his own brije: The human cared for his brije and the brije does the same thing for its human counterpart.

A lot of culture has been integrated into this 3d animated film. The Brijes 3d explained that when the human turned 13 the old shamans performed the ritual a synchronizing ritual trough which the human and the brije were able to transform into the warrior form. This warrior form is a physical state in which the human acquired the powers of his brije and extraordinary strength needed to perform acts of heroism and good deeds towards others. Unfortunately hundreds of years ago, with the birth of modern science and technology, this union was severed and damaged by the fact that human beings stopped believing in magic.


The Brijes 3D utilized the classic cell animation alongside with a dew CGI elements and a myriad of miniatures in its 3d art plan. The story for this animated movie was created by Producer Ricardo Duprat Gonzalez. The script for the entire film was written by Luis Antonio Avalos, Brijes tells the story of legendary animal totems which connect with children as they mature on their journey to adulthood. It is based on indigenous tales from the Oaxaca area of Mexico.


The entire film has been based on folkore which has a lot of Mexican culture in it. The entire story for Brijes started during a school visit at the Museum of History. Kimo Atzi and Freddy discovered in one of the rooms Brij Codex and it tells them that are chosen to restore the ancient alliance between humans and Brij alliance. This relationship was broken several hundreds of years ago when humans stopped believing in magic and dreams from the existence of science and technology. To fulfill this mission, the Codex are introduced to their respective brij which include Hopper, Bri and Cloke. The brij are known to be spirits of magical animals that have been in contact with the man since the beginning of time.