A lot of people are running after music. Music makes them feel alive and fun.. For all the hype and excitement leading up to Phish 3D, the truth is, it was a fusion of pleasure and disappointment. This 3d rendition of PHISH is part entertaining and which would walk you through the performance of this band.  It is a perfect time for the overall 3D experience.

The pre-show environment inside the sold out theater in Chicago was undeniably amusing. As audience wait for the movie to start, I gauged the buzz and asked a Phish fan sitting next to me what he thinks of seeing the Phish 3D. He told me that he had been to over 50 Phish concerts and was excited to experience the band in a new way. The entire crowd is not quite sure what to expect during Phish 3D.

Then just as he finished, the intro credits flashed on the screen and a roar of cheers rippled through the theater. Instantly, the communal vibe of Phish 3D was stronger than what I felt during Larger Than Life, AEG Live’s first 3D concert movie that was released back in December and featured Dave Matthews, Ben Harper and Gogol Bordello at Austin City Limit Festival.

During the two hour and twenty minute Phish 3D all types of live concert elements from the three-day festival popped from the screen. Beach balls bounced and plumes of stage smoke floated in front of us making me want to reach out and grab the beach balls and brush away the smoke as if I really could.

On the downside, most of Phish’s performances didn’t have a consistent flow of energy and the sets lagged at times. Only during the full-length daytime acoustic set and the Rolling Stones covers in the second set did Phish truly find their groove. Overall, Phish 3D is a perfect experience of music and visual appeal.