Sony 3D TV for Your Viewing Pleasure

A lot of people are crazy about Sony 3d tv. Sony has jumped into the bandwagon of the launching 3d tv of their own. There are 3 different lines of 3d high definition television for all sorts of costumers from both the high end and budget conscious markets. With Sony’s new line of 3D TVs, people can now experience a whole new breed and kind of viewing pleasure.

Various manufacturers have ventured into 3D revolution. The basic things are created for 3D effects which are capable of creating different images and footage in to separate angles simultaneously. 3D images are interpreted by the brain by combining two illusions of depth and 3dimensional effects. Sony has created their own line of 3d televisions.

If you are thinking of buying a new Sony 3d Tv, then you are not alone. The television industry has witnessed a lot of changes with television sets which are bigger, slimmer and a whole lot smarter. The resolutions of television sets have skyrocketed with the advent of high definition and easy internet access has been considered to be one of the standard features of televisions.

3D televisions have invaded the market. Sony 3d TV has geared itself towards manufacturing the best. Before buying a Sony 3D TV , you must understand how it works. Sony is using the Frame sequential display technology in conjunction with their 3D Active Shutter glasses to deliver high quality 3D viewing pleasure.

Today, Sony has promised to launch a wide range of 3d electronic items to bring an immersive and high quality 3d viewing experience into every viewer’s living room. Sony 3D TV has announced that they are set to launch 3D Ready Bravia LCD TVs along with 3D compatible Blu-ray disc players. In addition, they have promised new 3D capable Vaio computers and digital cameras.

A Sony 3D TV would require you to wear a pair of funky 3d eyeglasses in order to achieve the 3d appeal. The purposes of eyeglasses are synced with the television. The Active Shutter Technology can be achieved 3d images by watching through the right lens. The left lens will close over to show the left eye image.. It happens quickly enough that you won’t perceive any flickering, thus 3dimensional images are created.


Plans on Becoming A Little Clearer: Sony's 3D TV

Sony basically expects that 3D televisions will make up on 30 percent and 50 percent of all sets it sells in the financial year that starts in April 2012, one senior executive said late last week. The goal further indicates Sony’s confidence in 3D entertainment ahead of a roll-out of the technology next year.

Sony basically announced its 3D ambitions in the early September when the president and CEO Howard Stringer informed the company was planning its launch on the 3D capable Bravia TV sets and Blu Ray disc players as well as adding 3D to the PlayStation 3. Sony’s plans for the latter two products are already becoming clear: the Blu-ray Disc Association is working on a 3D disc standard while Sony plans to add 3D to all models of the PlayStation 3 via a firmware update. On the TV side however, perhaps the biggest and most crucial part of the picture, Sony basically had not disclosed many details but now that picture is beginning to come into a focus.


The 3d compatible sets will usually have a small piece of addition to its hardware threat lets the machine show 3d content but they will also work as conventional TV sets, as said by Hiroshi Yoshioka, executive deputy president of Sony and head of the unit that includes its TV business, in an interview. Yoshioka didn’t elaborate on the additional hardware however, but says it would add a little to the production cost of the TV set.


By far, the largest expense for 3D viewing will be the glasses that are needed to give the illusion of a 3d image. Those could cost up to around US$200 and won’t necessarily be bundled with a television. By selling the glasses separately, Sony will be able to keep its 3D compatible sets competitive with others sets while needing a higher outlay from customers that want to get the 3d experience. Yoshioka stressed that Sony has yet to determine the premium for 3D-compatible sets and whether it will bundle the glasses or sell them separately. But basically the TV business is perhaps the most prices sensitive of the entire Sony’s product areas, particularly in the US market. Thus the company will likely cut down the additional costs.


Sony’s TV business has been losing money the recent years, but Stringer committed this month to turning a profit on televisions in the next financial year, which runs from April 2010 to March 2011. Success with 3d will be crucial if Sony is to accomplish its goal of grabbing a 20 percnet share of the LCD TV market in the upcoming years.


Sony’s 3d plans to revolve around gaming, movies and sports as well. Sony is already working on gaming with the PlayStation 3 upgrade plans and its movies division, Sony Pictures, is already producing 3D movies. If history is any indicator, sports is basically an additional area where users are willing to pay a little more money for a great experience. The company’s existing relationship with broadcasters through its movie division and TV production house could serve well when it comes to the promotion of 3d but even it is does not there will be a secondary rout to 3d capable sets. Sony is expanding its PlayStation Network service to cover its televisions and will launch a new content delivery service next year that will pump movies, TV shows and other video content directly into Bravia TVs and Blu-ray Disc players from its own servers. The smaller- scale experiments have already taken place in the US, where Sony recently gave its “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” movie to Internet-linked Bravia TVs even before its DVD release.




Enhanced Viewing Pleasures with Sony 3d TV

Technology has created a new avenue of enjoying various forms of media and entertainment. For the past decades, there has been a lot of changes and advancements in the way we make use of our time and viewing hours. Our lives have been made better by technology and we are living comfortable life. With the advent of technology came a lot of innovations on ordinary things that we do on a daily basis.

A lot of people who are enjoying their leisure times viewing their most favorite television program would agree that technology is a gift. Television viewing is one of the most common form of family recreation, bonding time with friends with ice cold beer at the comforts of your home. A functional television set would define the need to buy a tv set from reputable companies.

3d has invaded the viewing experience of people. Through several years, 3d has brought a lot of changes in the world of film making and animation.  One of the latest fads today is the existence of 3d televisions. You might wonder how it is to watch your favorite tv programs on 3d. It is almost like you are immersing yourself into the scene!

One of the leading brands in the world, Sony has released several new 3D TV’s. The latest Sony 3d TV is using shutter glasses which can bring the 3D effect right into the comforts of your  living room. Sony Company has aimed to use a proprietary high frame rate screen which enables their Sony 3d tv to provide full HD 3D images.

A lot of things are going 3d. At the moment these company has no plans of letting the Sony 3D tv for cheap. Though it is quite expensive, customers will surely get their money’s worth. In order to enjoy 3d experience, you need to purchase a 3d glasses around 150usd for a pair. This is to allow 3d sync transmitter to make you enjoy your viewing experience.

Sony has a big screen feature in their Bravia XBR-LX900 series which comes with the mentioned transmitter along with two pairs of active shutter glasses. You can choose two sizes for this model of 3d tv. 52 inch models may cost around 4,000USD and the 60 inch version may cost around 5,000USD.

These 3d television sets are an investment. You must keep in mind to make sure which model you want in order to have the most out of your money. Sony announced a lot of application that would run on iPhone after launching a bunch of tv’s on 3d. Android based device and take control of various media players that Sony is also venturing in.

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